Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Natalie Darden | Comedy Actress & Content Creator

I feel like every single actor asks themselves this question a few times a year – if not, monthly. For me this was like a daily occurrence 2-3 years ago. It felt like nothing I did was good enough to propel me to the next stage in my career. The money I was dumping into classes, agent panels, and headshots was so overwhelming, and I felt like giving up because I was doing everything I was told I should do to succeed. I was spending more time at my bartending job than on set just to pay for all these things, and I was losing the love I had for acting in the first place. Read more>>


This is ironically a topic that has crossed my mind at every stage of my career. I’ve came to the conclusion there really is no “giving up”. The thought of moving on or feeling as though your “time has passed” is almost like an allusion. The ambition to fill your time with meaningful work or a passion that bring your life joy is always living within you. Life may not always permit you to fully dedicate your time to everything you intend, but as long as you are looking to the future of your projects, giving up almost seems to disappear. Read more>>

April Lynn Rose | DJ / Vibe Setter

If something brings you joy, you should always try to keep it in your life. The goal is obviously for my passions to be my main source of income. However, even when my passions haven’t paid my rent, I’ve found fulfillment from them. I think that’s how you know whether you should keep going – when you love doing it regardless of whether you’re paid to do it or not! I could DJ to an empty room and it still makes me happy – that’s how I know. Read more>>

Kara Smith | Interior Designer & Art Consultant

I rely heavily on my intuition. After so many years in the business, I know when something isn’t worth my time. I can always tell when I end up pushing for something to happen and it is easier on everyone to avoid the emotional frustration altogether. Listening to that intuition and protecting your energy is incredibly important. Read more>>

Wioleta Kaminska I Interdisciplinary artist & Educator Kaminska | Interdisciplinary artist & Educator

Curiosity, passion for knowledge and exploration are the foundation of my artistic endeavors. These are the same qualities I am trying to instill in my students. There is this constant need I have to make sense of and understand the world that I live in. As an interdisciplinary artist I find it natural to explore different media and maneuver within analog and digital realms simultaneously. My work includes photography, drawings, paintings, motion graphics, film, video and animations. Read more>>