Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Julian Lucas | Fine art Photographer and Photo Journalist, Purveyor Artists’ Books, Founder of Print Pomona Art Book Fair and The Pomonan and Housing Specialist

For the last 30 years, majority of my photographic study has drawn attention to local or global issues, which is often ripe for social commentary.

As a purveyor of photo-books and zines, my bookstore, Mirrored Society has provided a platform and supported independent publishers and zine makers from all over the world. Print Pomona Art Book Fair, I founded 2019, which is an extension of support within the photo-book world especially the community being that is new and attractive filling a void or disconnect to print or books being a part of the art. The Pomonan is a platform I recently created which provide subjective journalism. The journal includes social topics not written about on larger media sites. I also support artists, photographers, and smaller galleries. I’m also a recovering prison guard working within housing as a housing specialist linking homeless people to housing and services. Read more>>

Sonia Grace | Music Artist, Writer, & Actor

When I first started doing music, it was a great way to work through struggles and express myself but over the years, it’s become a way for me to speak out against issues affecting our world, such as body image, race, poverty and feminism. After living through the COVID-19, the contentious election, police brutality protests and the general `despair of the past year, I created “Human Kind” to encourage everyone to keep hope alive during this difficult time. I want to continue making music that moves people, helps them get through hardships and leaves them feeling inspired. Read more>>

Sophia Nguessan | Behaviorist, Fitness Coach & Owner of SFS Active

The world could always use some extra love! And working at the community level, I help by promoting good health and making fitness a lifestyle. Through my business SFS Active, I coach, train and motivate women along their fitness journeys. My focus, when coaching clients is not so much about a number on a scale, but how it makes the client feel which works wonders on self-esteem and confidence. I feel so honored and happy when women share their incredible journeys with me. It’s also an amazing feeling to hear when clients are feeling physically better and stronger. Read more>>