We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Eleonora Balducchi | Tattoo artist

I’m probably not in the position to answer this question, not now, my child is only 5, and ultimately he will be the judge of it. But here are some thoughts. Every day as a parent we face choices that will, in different measure, impact our children’s life wishing it is the best decision for them. It’s always about gauging a hypothetical perfect balance, and there is often a compromise to be made. My personal choice of many years ago of moving to a different country is something that will significantly impact my child’s life. Read more>>

Quiniece Noble | Teacher Author Mentor & Entrepreneur

As I parent I feel the most important thing I do is being involved in my child school and well being. Before Covid I used volunteer at my son school. Im always asking questions about my son process and anything we should working on. I like to introduce myself to any staff members thats working with my child. I read and research alot. I also studied Childhood Development Education which helps me alot in parenting. Read more>>

Ambrie Jones | Owner and Expert Vibe Setter, SHE CANDLE CO.

The most important thing that I’ve done as a mom is show my boys that with consistency and hard work, you can do anything, be anything and have anything. The boys see me in “GIRL BOSS” mode all the time, be it in the studio, where I create magic and packaging orders or at in-person pop ups interacting with customers. Read more>>