Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Carmen Karlsgodt | Healthy Living Chef & Educator

Realizing that our kids will follow our example, not our advice, led me to focus on my personal overall health. Studying food and its effects on my own body has been crucial to keeping my family healthy and happy. Eating gut-healing foods will always lead to feeling better physically and mentally. The unexpected outcome is that, by changing my eating habits, I have not only taught my kids a healthy lifestyle, but it has also inspired others around me to redefine what healthy means for them. Read more>>

Yan Dekel | Daddy Squared Podcast, Producer and Co-Host

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent is therapy – not for the kids, for me. I am a true believer in therapy. Not only have I been committed to it for the past 20 years, I’m also very outspoken about it both on our podcast and in my personal life. The main thing in therapy is that you learn about yourself, about behavior patterns, childhood memories, dealing with life challenges and “your dark side” – all of this ‘life study’ has a direct impact on how you raise your children. As a kid I was bullied, I was lonely and felt misunderstood. Read more>>

Alisa Tongg | Life-Cycle Celebrant, Founder Bacon & Lox Society, and Creator of Wedding Ceremony Master Class for Friend Officiants

My kids were very little when I went through a divorce. During that time, more than any other thing that I was concerned about, was not wanting to “mess up my kids.” When I was growing up I’d always hear how “So-and-So came from a broken home that’s why they didn’t have a healthy concept of family or partnership or self-worth or that’s why they struggle with addiction.” I was desperate for this not to be my kids’ story so I would spend hours deep diving into papers and articles about parenting, happiness, divorce and psychology. One night I came across an article that showed that the biggest determining factor of a child’s well-being and development was the life satisfaction and happiness of the mother. That study gave me clarity, a mission and permission to build and nurture a satisfying and fulfilling life for myself. Read more>>