Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Cory McCormick | Songwriter and Audio Engineer

I think success is creating a fulfilling life for myself and as long as I’m able to make music I love, I’ll be fulfilled. My vision of “success” usually includes a cabin home with my partner with a recording studio and whatever equivalent workspace for her. We could spend our lives getting lost in our creativity. That’s just one sort of generic image that recurs for me but I think of success as a journey rather than a destination (clichéd but true). I try to always have some goal to work toward. I don’t ever want to fall into a cycle of creating just to play the game but it’s also a hard balance to strike for any artist trying to build a career in music. I want to make something that is popular enough to make a living off of it but still timeless and true to myself. Read more>>

James Lepak | President at James David Custom Homes

The journey to success is a unique experience for each person and varies across different areas of your life from business to personal. Some people define success as money in the bank. Some as a balance between work and play. Or success can be measured by how we view our family life or career advancements. Regardless of how you define it, a sense of success is critical to one’s well-being. For me, defining success as an entrepreneur, there have been no shortcuts and it has evolved over the past 33 years based on the goals I was working to achieve. Read more>>

Rochelle `Zarate | The Cake Plug

I personally define success as reaching a goal you set for yourself whether it be big or small. Being consistent and focusing, understanding what needs to be done to reach your goal, making necessary improvements and monitoring your progress is really all that’s needed to achieve the goal you set for yourself. Read more>>