We caught up with some of the community’s rising stars and asked them to reflect on the books that had an impact on their lives. We’ve shared their responses below.

Guesst (wilson rahn) | nonbinary multimedia artist

steal like an artist by austin kleon is one of the best books i have read in a LONG time. it’s an artist’s self help(?) book that illustrates loads of concepts and strategies to avoid limiting ones own creativity. one of my favorite concepts from the book is this concept of copying your heros’ work. i feel like throughout my ENTIRE upbringing, adults were always telling me not to copy peoples work — i think this is a gross missed opportunity for kids (and really everyone) as we conceptualize the flow and process of learning. Read more>>

John Goetz | John Goetz | Painter

De Kooning an American Master by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan Nothing quite captures what it was like then while living the life of the modern painters .
It is placed in a time which I could relate to while I was daydreaming of greatness during my art collage years. It should be required reading for those like I contemplating a magical life of a modern artist. It really took you to the core of the matter and the incredibly difficult times our contemporaries has to go through. Remarkable. Read more>>

Travis Dupri | Music Artist

A book that I read that had a major impact on me is titled, “The Alchemist”. I like The Alchemist because the protagonist in the story seemed just like so many people in the world searching for their purpose in life, but especially myself. The impact that the book had on me is that although we may find success where we currently are in life, we still have to live out our life purpose, which is our true aspirations, and that does not go away. Read more>>