We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Pamela Corey | Fine Art Pet Photographer / Fur Family Photos

When I was starting my business it was important to me to build it on a foundation of trust while establishing a high degree of comfort with me, and providing very personalized and outstanding service. My clients see their companion animals as family members, and I respect that they are trusting me to work with them. Working with animals requires a lot of love and patience, and so I enjoy taking my time with clients, and providing them with a wonderful, extremely personal experience. Seeing the images we’ve captured often brings my (human) clients to tears, and when that happens I know I’ve hit a home run 🙂. Read more>>

Bianca Rae | News Anchor, Spectrum News 1 — Founder, Bianca Rae Foundation

For me, a little naivete and a lot of optimism has shaped my life. For every big endeavor – whether that was running for (and losing) class President seven consecutive times as a kid, moving across the country for my first job at 22, interviewing the biggest movie stars in the world at 23, starting a non-profit at the age of 24, or even now anchoring in Los Angeles – I never thought twice about how scary, intimidating or unattainable any of that was. I still don’t think like that. My favorite quote has always been by Mary Kay Ash, “Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.” Not knowing what I “shouldn’t be able to do” has given me a unique mix of confidence and courage. God blessed me with a permanent pair of rose colored glasses and for that I am eternally grateful. Read more>>

Jaret Martino | CEO. Love Wins Productions, Distribution and Film Festival

Taking risks and being able to re-frame are incredibly valuable traits personally and professionally. Jumping in and moving through the unknown always lead you to the place you were meant to go. While that looks differently for everyone and often times does not resemble the idea or picture most had in mind. The lessons along the way are there, and if you remain open to discovery can be vital for your growth and longevity. Strength and determination are words that some people like to just hashtag, however they often take blood, sweat and tears. Too often in our society we just see the big and pretty pictures. However there is a lot of sacrifice and hard work that goes in behind the scenes. There’s also a lot of noise and listening to anything except your heart will surely leave you in a state of confusion. Get connected to yourself and your souls purpose. I like to remember my dreams as a child and utilize that freedom and apply it today as tenacity. Read more>>

Lena Murisier | Optioned, produced and signed writer

once said, “we will either find a way or make one”—that’s how I always approached my career. I always believed that I would become successful in the field that I choose. To become a working screenwriter, I had to compromise and sacrifice. I’m from a small town in Switzerland, and it was a great risk to quit an excellent job in marketing/advertising to move an ocean away and dive into a whole new career. A lot of what I had mastered in my career as an account manager was beneficial in my screenwriting career. I went to a film school in LA, which lead to a one-year work visa (OPT) during which I signed a production deal for my TV Series Bonnie & Bonnie, optioned two documentaries, signed a shopping agreement for a feature romcom and signed with one of the best management companies in the world: Untitled Entertainment. Read more>>