We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Lindsay Booth | CEO Off Season Adventures

As far back as I can remember, I loved to travel. When I was growing up, I cherished the trips my mom and I would take to Disneyworld, the outer banks of North Carolina, road trips around Colorado, and Washington D.C. Even now, we continue our mother-daughter trips, most recently going on safari in Tanzania. I believe that travel is life-changing and will take you places you could never have imagined. The traveler’s experience with the people, the destination, and the local communities can provide authentic, immersive memories while empowering local communities and destination. Witnessing the benefits of sustainable tourism is why I chose this as my career path. As CEO at Off Season Adventures, I have the opportunity to design travel programs that focus on benefiting local communities and making a positive impact. Read more>>

James Cox | New Media Creator & Game Designer

Even as permanent and permeable as the Internet seems, it’s so fragile; digital media even more so. Adobe Flash is gone, and so are the unpreserved Flash films, games, and art. The most I hope for is to follow in the footsteps of other creators and help nudge the world in a positive direction while I’m here: make games and films that inspire people to create their own media, and encourage them to consider the messages and impact of the media we consume. I think we all owe it to the world to leave it a better place than when we came into it. Read more>>

Jonnaira Ruth | Cosmetics Owner and Content Creator

Legacy…..! Wow thats very deep, deep enough to make you think, deep enough to make you start over, or even sit back and revaluate life from beginning to the end. Deep enough to have you revamp your life now to make sure you leave a legacy behind shall i say, Now what do i want my legacy to be? I want my legacy to leave a stamp on the world and bleed love into our hearts to be united as one. I want to be able to broadcast across the nation that no matter what race and the color of your skin is you are loved. I want to inspire anyone who suffers from self hate and fear to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and know they are strong. In todays society many steer towards social media and the next biggest BEAUTY trend that allow it to ALTER outer appearance to where we forget who’s inside which you, me and them…… its us our mind. My goal in life is to create new opportunities for all body and skin types to make sure everyone will be praised. Read more>>

Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist, Photo Manipulator, Storyteller and Author

Interesting question. The story in my mind was to create a storyline about the consequences of Earth’s pollution, since for some years I was working with Greenpeace and environment and nature is one of my passions, but with a dark twist combined with my style. I designed a dark vision of the wrong path that we take and might lead us to our distraction. The story started with the chapter “Pollution” basically showing myself and some children with toxic masks trying to awake people to think about our future sending survival messages. The next chapter was “The Changing” were people’s DNA started to transform due the pollution and making people act like beasts, killing one another leading us to the next chapter “Hunters”. People born from the toxicity of the environment who hunt and kill for enjoyment. Read more>>

Speed Walton | Recording Artist/Songwriter/entrepreneur

I want my legacy to be about perseverance. I want my love for the music and the art form to speak to my dedication to the craft and culture. I want to be legendary in not only in the music world but as a overall creator/ artist and help heal people feeling like things in their world will never get better I’m here to let people know by being a testimony things do get better when you change your mindset and put every ounce into whatever your passion may be. Read more>>

Christine Liu | Cookie Lover , Sustainability Author and Blogger

It’s my hope that people remember me as someone who cares deeply for others. That love is expressed through baking and my passion for taking care of the planet, as these are the things that bring me joy that I believe can help make the world a little better than it was before. Read more>>

Virisa Yong | Photographer

I hope to be remembered for my energy. It’s easy to pick up a camera and take a good photo of someone, but what is significant to me when I take a person’s photo is how I made them feel. If I can make someone feel good about themselves, the world, or life in general through our interaction just by being myself, then I might just have fulfilled my purpose. It would be amazing for people to think of me and think of my photographs of all of the incredible people I met in this lifetime, but it would be even more meaningful if people thought of me and thought of the genuine human connection I built with others. Read more>>

L’FREAQ | Musician & Artist

Ultimately I’d love for people to remember me as a creatively unpredictable force. I want my legacy to be one of tolerance, acceptance, and love.
The concept behind L’FREAQ started as a rallying cry to those who felt bullied and shunned. I wanted the word FREAQ to be reclaimed and subverted, transformed into a suit of armor that anyone could wear to empower themselves. My mission on this earth is to help raise the energy of our collective, to help people remember they have so much more strength than they believe they do. If I can touch one person and make them feel more empowered and authentic, I’m doing my job. Read more>>

Loena B. Rodgers | Nutrition Detective, Owner of The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company

I started The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company in hopes of empowering more parents to understand their bodies, their children’s and the symptoms they show when going through nutritional turbulence. And so if I were to leave a legacy, I’d like to be remembered as the “nutritional hacker” who taught them how to take care of their health and love themselves better from the inside out. So when people feel down, or anxious, or in pain and find that ounce of hope to take action and turn to real food, my hope is that at some cellular level they remember the woman who taught them to be brave and speak the language of nutritional deficiency and that woman would so happen to be me. Read more>>

Dusty Bo | Singer/Songwriter

I would like to be one of the people that just kept fighting the fight for real rocknroll and just real music/artistry in general. So much has changed in the music industry in the last 10 years and it will probably keep changing. But what can not be forgotten or lost in the mix is simply the art. Thats what will truly stand the test of time. Not all these people that live their lives to make 15-60 vanity videos along with the rest of the social media sheep herd. That kind of stuff will come and go. Real art will always be here. Read more>>

Judy Pena | Entrepreneur & Designer

“I want people to remember that this all started to give my kids a chance to be their own boss. This was a chance to be able to work and give opportunities to those with similar neurodiversities without discrimination. I don’t want to look back with regret because I played it safe and was afraid to fail. And even worse, afraid to let my children fail. We must take chances and not regret the risks.” Read more>>

Emmanuel Guillermo | Portrait Photographer| Film Enthusiast| Aspiring Film Director

Ideally, I would like to inspire people first and foremost with the creation of my brand. I would like to one day build a company that may inspire others to start their own journey. If I could consistently remind people of one thing with my brand it would be this: That no matter how bad things may seem, and no matter how bad the cards you were dealt with may seem to you, if you keep your head down and work hard and never stop believing in yourself relentlessly you can make something extraordinary happen. I’m not quite there yet, but I firmly believe I can one day leave such a legacy that may act as a beacon of hope for those who are lost. Read more>>

Rana Bacaloni | Creator of the ramadan and eid Niche market

While in college, as I started contemplating career goals, I reflected upon what path I can take that would make an impact on society; I was inspired by a quote in the Quran that says that our deeds and the imprint we leave behind are all documented. I wanted to be a person that leaves a legacy behind. My aspiration was to work for the nonprofit sector or be part of a think tank that involves diplomacy and thus my major in International relations. Yet fate had another route for me; I got married and had children and ended up spending time raising them. I was volunteering at their school, as an event and fundraiser chair, when I realized that there was nothing out there for islamic holidays for purchase. This is when I embarked on the journey of starting my own company called Eid Creations, where I was designing and mass producing Ramadan and Eid party supplies. Read more>>

Raymond Vera | Producer

When I’m done with my music career I want people to remember me for always representing my coast And trying to always keep West Coast hip hop On top. Read more>>

Leonard Manning | Producer, Audio Engineer & Photographer

My legacy will be to create any genre of music and inspire and motivate people to create. I want people to remember me as a strong and deep-minded person. I want people to remember me as a person who wants people to be a better version of themselves. Read more>>

Jessica Davis | Founder / President of Boomer’s Buddies Rescue

I deeply care about animals. So I hope I leave a legacy of someone who cared for and helped save the lives of many animals that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance. Read more>>