We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Andrew Le Guier | Re-Recording Mixer & Business Owner

There are quite a few factors that have and can be attributed to my success, but above all I would say one of the most important for doing well in my industry has been being honest and truthful in what my company or I am able to provide to our clients, especially when things are busy. As a small business it’s sometimes super difficult to turn down a project or campaign, and it has definitely taken some getting used to, but when you’re not able to give 100% to something because you don’t have the resources available to you in that moment (ie, extra freelance talent, Read more>>

Kasmira Buchanan | Dancer, Choreographer, Magician’s Assistant

I am so very lucky that I have designed (with lot’s of support) a brand and career path that I absolutely adore. I am someone that can work hours on end, day and night, doing things I am truly passionate about…and yet will really drag my feet if I am uninterested in something. For me, this root of inspiration, passion, and connection is where my success lies. And what is interesting about that, is that over the years my passions may shift or grow. Read more>>

Caitlin Hatzenbuhler | Pilates Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Studio Owner

The single most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand has been showing up as my authentic and true self. When I first started my business I always thought about things in a very serious way. Perception is everything. Coming from the corporate world I would try to portray an image of myself, my business and my brand that was very guarded. It was what I thought I had to be not what I truly was. During the pandemic when my brick and mortar studio was closed I didn’t have that to hide behind anymore. Read more>>

Dr. William Schopp PT, DPT | Performance Physical Therapy

There are finite and infinite games in business, and success is definitely an infinite one. This means the only way to win is to keep playing. Our “success” is completely dependent on our every day athletes bouncing back from injuries and getting back to performing at their highest levels. The most important factors behind the success of our brand (so far) are three things: Our unmatched client experience, amazing network of friends and colleagues in the South Bay fitness and golf communities, and most importantly, our extraordinary people we have as part of The Movement Schopp team. Read more>>

Ele Keats | Creative Owner & Designer, Ele Keats Jewelry

I believe in the importance of understanding the vision for your brand and ensuring you “walk your talk”. If you’re selling a brand or product that is about transformation and healing and you’re operating from a disjointed and disconnected center, it’s not going to serve its purpose to your clientele. I truly believe in reflecting inwardly what you are outwardly offering. As a young girl I had a successful acting career and after having acted for so many years, I found myself in a certain position of waiting for other people to give me an opportunity. Read more>>

Chitra Dassapa | Singer-songwriter & Violinist

The most important factor behind my success is understanding that being a musical artist is a combination of having an extreme obsession with making music and a strong sense of creative direction. Obsession and passion are two different things in my opinion. Obsession is self-motivating, and often thankless; the feeling when you have dreams that fixate over a single lyric or snare sound. It is inexplainable and impending. This type of obsession is a person’s gravity, a centrifugal force. Passion is deep interest, where moments of obsession are present, but if obsession is 24/7, then passion is a 9-5 job. Read more>>

Casey Lau | Dentist & Entrepreneur

This is kind of a tough question for me. Success is an interesting word because the implication is that I have “arrived”. In my career and life, I have always strived for continued growth. When you claim success, then you are done. Growing up, my parents always pushed me to work hard and strive for more. I wasn’t competitive in the sense of sports (although I am a passionate sports fan), but I was always trying to stay ahead of my colleagues. Read more>>

Sam Motamedi | Film Maker

I think the hunger for learning new things and experimenting has really driven me forward in my field. I had my start in VFX and motion graphics before I became a filmmaker and this really drove me to try and push the boundaries of what I could achieve visually. Once you learn a new skill, for example modeling or animation, you can’t help but see it’s infinite potential in servicing the stories you are trying tell, or it’s value for potential clients. Read more>>

Renee Lowry | Designer and Creative Entrepreneur

I’d say the most important factor that’s contributed to my brand’s success is authenticity. When I first started creating and designing products, I used to ask myself, “What’s something that everyone will buy and like? I need to make something for every type of person in order to sell as much as I can.” As I gained experience, I realized I was not enjoying the process or designing products that appealed to the masses. Now my first thought is always, Read more>>

Allison Mahal | Songwriter & Artist

My community. I feel lucky to work with people who are not only very generous with their time, but also believe in the songs I write. Making music these past 4 years has been incredibly rewarding because I’m with people who are in the trenches with me, putting in the work, and growing along the way. Any time something good happens in my career, it feels like a win for the whole team. And that is a high that I hope to share with them forever. Read more>>

Austin Troughton

The most important factor behind my success is going at my own pace and my sphere of influence. Learning any industry is about patience and repetition. Real Estate is no different. I have surrounded myself with a strong mentor and trusted that if I can find a way to being value to those I care about, I will be rewarded in both my personal life and professional career. Read more>>

Caleb Blue | Storyboard Artist & Illustrator

Ambition. Setting challenging goals for myself and doing everything in my ability to achieve those goals has shown to be extremely rewarding in my career as a storyboard artist. Lots of crazy ideas and dreams enter people’s minds, but what sets a lot of them apart is the drive to achieve them. It’s easy to believe that your ambitious goals can’t be brought to fruition, which may cause a fear to try. Read more>>

Reut Ron Pagi, MD | Pediatrician and Founder – My 1st Clinic

The care my patients receive. My goal at opening My 1st Clinic was to ensure that each and every child that comes into the clinic knows that they are my number one priority and that they get my undivided attention along with the care that they need. There is no one size fits all when it comes to parenting. I take the time to listen to the parents’ wants and needs and work with them to come up with the plan that is best-suited for their child. I don’t want the parents to ever feel rushed and to always feel comfortable to ask all their questions – no matter how big or small. Read more>>

Lara & Meg Partamian & Nalbandbashian | Co-Founders of Nanè Collection

The most important factor behind success is genuinely believing that you can succeed. Clearly envisioning your goals that you will work towards is important for your brand’s success. The risk to take the jump to be your own boss and create and sustain a business is to truly believe that you can do it. Remaining organized, focused and driven are also keys to manifesting your dreams. Read more>>

King Aiden | Independent, multi-instrumentalist, music artist, and Actor

My team! My team lives in different countries around the world. My producer lives in Ukraine, and even videographer/editor lives in India. I have producers in Greece, United Kingdom, and Australia. We all work together as one. Read more>>

Julie Tremblay | Fine Art Photographer / Artist

I think it is working hard to do the best work possible. Growing up my father instilled in me my work ethic – so I had that. This was further emphasized by a teacher who was a very successful sculptor. He told me that if he woke in the middle of the night and heard someone working in the next studio he would immediately get up and start working as he was afraid of being out worked by a fellow artist. That stuck with me – Read more>>