We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Monica D. Higgins | Construction Manager | Best-Selling Author

Garagify helps families build wealth by turning their backyards into an income-earning asset via a backyard home. These backyard homes, formally known as accessory dwelling units or ADUs, provide a meaningful boost in their household income. This income boost helps reduce their housing cost burden so they are paying less than a third of their income for housing. This allows them to improve their finances by increasing their savings, paying down debt, and investing for the future, all of which relieves financial stress and improves their physical and mental health. Read more>>

Patrick Collins | Art Director & Designer

With my brand Le Chat I design eco-friendly clothing and accessories with the goal of achieving an 100% sustainable business model. Using organic fabrics and compostable shipping materials we conserve water, reduce pollution and minimize waste. Our hope is to positively impact communities affected by drought and water pollution while using our efforts to influence other brands. Read more>>

Delani Delgado | Development Coordinator

Friends LA provides long-term, salaried, professional mentors who walk alongside children in Los Angeles County impacted by foster care for 4 hours each week from kindergarten through high school graduation — a 12+ year commitment, no matter what. We don’t stop there. Our two-generation approach includes not only the children, but also addresses the needs of their parents as well. Our work is focused on prevention because at our core we believe in keeping families together and ending multigenerational poverty. Read more>>

Sarah C.R. Makins | Owner/Director of Fame Dance Studios & RUEvolution Dance Company

Through teaching and choreography, I try to heal and inspire through the art of dance. I am finding more and more of my students have higher levels of anxiety, crippling worries of perfectionism as well as the deep need to share, learn and grow in a safe and loving space. Through learning and performing choreography that has story lines and themes describing ways to emote and then heal these issues, dancers and audience alike gain exposure and therefore understanding into some of the darker issues affecting our youth and young adults. Read more>>

Patricia Leao | Owner – Brazilian Nites Productions

Ever since I was small, the mesmerizing culture of Brazil was very appealing to me. Since I was attached to it in one way or another it led me to my dream / goal of presenting and promoting the music, dance, food and arts of this country through my own company, Brazilian Nites. At first it was my own desire to be involved as much as possible and then it became a community outreach… it led into opening doors to opening minds about what Brazil was all about… people that had only heard became aware of the real deal… and people that hadn’t heard, well now knew about it and loved it. So not only was the community pleased to see and enjoy their favorite artists and dance to the many rhythms “matando a saudade” (killing the homesick), but we also had the many other cultures like americans, africans, europeans, latins, asians loyal to our events…
How not to love this outcome! Read more>>