We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Jason Avalos | Filmmaker | Chief Executive Officer @Schoolhouse Pictures

First, my vision behind the company is to give a home for Latinx/Latines/Latinos that grew up in the u.s to finally have a place that showcases their stories and their version of growing up in America. Second, we are a bridge for everyone else in the world to feel invited to our version of America, our experiences, our dreams, our nightmares, our heritage, and our culture. Read more>>

Jeff Payne | Director – Young Composers Project, Pianist – Fear No Music

The Young Composers Project gives voice to students who are learning the skill of composing. It’s an educational program of Fear No Music for students from sixth through twelfth grade which provides workshops and public performances of their music. Learning to write music is frequently a solitary pursuit. Read more>>

Nathan and Wendy Epstein and Chen | Tea Mavens

Part of our mission is to seek out women entrepreneurs in the tea industry, from farmers and producers to tea masters and distributors. We have identified a number of women-owned tea companies around the globe and are proud to carry their products and introduce them to our customers. Our brick-and-mortar shop offers a space for community gatherings and activism, as well as a safe space for anyone to de-stress with a cup of tea. Read more>>