We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jen Maxcy | Artist & Director of Programs

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in the arts in one way or another. For many years I was a professional actor, then an advocate for arts in the public schools when my children were growing up, and now I’m an arts presenter and a painter on the side. As time has passed I have come to understand artists and storytellers as central to a healthy society. I think the arts are where we work out so much of what challenges us as human beings, where we grapple and express, and most importantly where hearts and minds can be moved. Read more>>

Veronica Medina | Educator, Artist, Entrepreneur

Community Clayworks is an inclusive ceramics learning facility that offers classes, memberships, parties, and a weekly BYOB Sip N Spin. At its core, the mission of our business is fostering community while sharing a love of clay. In order for people to take risks and be creative they need a safe space. Genuine community emerges when people spend time together openly listening, encouraging and supporting one another. For us, facilitating a culture of community is critical and requires among other things, being sensitive to how people learn, helping frame and work through difficult moments, and meeting people where they are. Read more>>

Jasmine Roashan | Outreach & Project Coordinator for a non-profit

Traditionally, the solar industry has only been accessible for those who can afford to make the change. Across Los Angeles County and neighboring counties, GRID Alternatives aims to make solar accessible through its no-cost solar program for qualifying homeowners and offers free job training for those looking to enter the solar workforce! Read more>>

Monna L Dingman | Executive Director/Trustee, The Los Alamos Foundation

We started The Los Alamos Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2008 because we wanted to play a bigger role in the life of our community. Los Alamos has a large population of Hispanic families who work in the agriculture and service industries. These are time consuming, physically demanding, and low paying jobs. I had gotten to know many of our Hispanic families through church activities and realized that there were very few support resources available in Los Alamos. We had no childcare options for working parents, no summer activities for children or youth, no one to help translate important documents, very little public transportation. It was a perfect opportunity to step up and do something. Read more>>

Jake Weiner | Founder of ZOOZ Fitness

When thinking about our impact on our community, two words come to mind: inclusion and opportunity. The meaning of these words are intertwined in everything we do at ZOOZ Fitness. The word ZOOZ, which is a Hebrew word meaning movement, formed the foundation for our community and the building blocks to providing inclusion and opportunity. Read more>>

James Knox | Community Leader and Philanthropist

Born in Lynwood, CA but brought up and raised in Compton, California. I always had an entrepreneur mindset and goals since a very young kid. Founded in 2016 I began a Media and Talent Management company Round Group Entertainment LLC. When I first started out, my passion for “Making Stars Shine Bright” is what drove me to start my own business, and looking for a way to begin creating generational wealth for my family. However, I didn’t stop there. Founded in 2019 by myself and business partner Maurice Jones, RGE Cares has done so much for the community. Read more>>

Angel Mendoza | Juice/Culinary Enthusiast

Angel Juicery serves the community with assisting individuals reach their health and fitness goals by helping them initiate the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Our long term goal is to make a global impact by offering our support to anyone who chooses to embark in a health transformation. Read more>>

Alex Deng | Composer and music education advocate

Last year, I got the opportunity to volunteer at a startup nonprofit called Through The Staff where talented musicians from across the country provide free virtual, private lessons to students lacking access in music education. As someone who didn’t have the chance to foster early musicianship, I really believe in the values and the mission of this nonprofit. I certainly know what it’s like to feel small in a room full of unimaginable talent, so Through The Staff seeks to not only help young musicians break barriers, but also wants every young musician to feel included. Read more>>

Sarah Elgart | Dance & Filmmaker, Kinetic Storyteller, Artistic Director/Producer

I believe in dance as an essential phenomena and powerful expression of being human. I founded Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D) based on a firm belief that dance is a life force accessible to anyone with a body. I wanted to challenge the idea that dance should only happen in certain places and be done by certain people. Read more>>