We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Neil Aaron | Siwa (Shiva) Murti Healer and Teacher

My business is the business of healing. I use a scared modality I learned in Bali called Shiva (Siwa) Murti to heal people of ailments and diseases. When I facilitate a healing on someone (or their pet), I am doing more than taking away pain or illness. I am showing them there is more out there than what we have already been taught in America. How else do you explain when pain disappears as soon as I work on them in person or even with a picture? The person then has the opportunity to spread the experience they just had, and that is how my business has grown. Word of mouth. I can’t advertise it because it’s not believable to most people. Read more>>

Ryan Flynn | Recycled Skateboard Brand Creative Director

With more than 2 million skateboards thrown into the landfill each year, Chops recycles these used and broken skateboards into functional products. When it comes to community, we always save the old skateboards that still have some life left, and often come across some really rideable boards we like to give out to the kids that have the most worn out boards. We also participate in as many art shows as possible and a lot of times these are centered around at risk youth and specific charities. Read more>>

Josh Beliso | Fine Artist & Small Business Owner

There are two parts of my life that I am choosing to combine professionally at the moment – art and food. While I continue to make art in the midst of a pandemic, I will also be launching a line of condiments (mustard, honey, and infused vinegars) in early 2021. These are two passions rooted in two different parts of my life, both fueled by the same driving force. I want to use my creativity as a problem-solving ambition, like many people are forced to do as economic and social conditions become increasingly more difficult to navigate. For me, food and art are essential passions that help me contribute to society as a productive member and help me provide as a father. Read more>>

Ali Borowsky | Graphic Designer + Nonprofit Founder

Find Your Anchor is a grassroots movement aimed at suicide prevention, awareness, and education. The premise behind Find Your Anchor is that each person needs an anchor. “Establish an anchor — a dependable, stable, secure base that you can hold on to, one that keeps you firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come.” Find Your Anchor doesn’t assume to be the anchor, or have all the answers, rather, it sets out to create a community of anchors, all with the help of some little blue boxes. The physical form of Find Your Anchor is a small blue box packed with various materials designed to inspire. Read more>>

Joanne Parrent | Partner, Parrent Smith Investigations

One of the things I like best about our work is that we help people solve all types of problems. But our job, unlike attorneys, is not to be advocates. It is simply to find the facts and the truth, which is the first step in helping people deal with problems. Individuals and their attorneys come to us when they have been ripped off by someone, are a victim of some fraud, are in the throes of a difficult divorce, have a missing relative, someone is stalking or harassing them – all kinds of reasons. We do our best to find the information they need to ultimately find some relief or justice. Companies also come to us to help them solve problems – they might want to merge with or purchase another company but need a thorough background investigation. Read more>>

Dr. Crystal Lee | Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist, I have the privilege of helping people when they tend to be struggling the most. I like to think that this has a positive ripple effect on the world– my clients go out into the world a healthier, happier version of themselves and spread hope and positivity. As a neurodiversity-affirmative autism and ADHD specialist, in particular, I have the unique opportunity to support those who face ableism in their daily lives. Beyond my individual work with clients, I conduct professional trainings and present to the public to spread awareness and appreciation of neurodiversity. My goal is to change the way the public thinks about autism and ADHD. Read more>>

LaTanya Sherman | CEO and Founder

We help the community by providing services and programs tailored to the well-being of our homeless in Los Angeles County with a primary focus on Skid Row. What’s unique about Project Educate is that we’ve created a customized program designed to Inform, Inspire and Influence the homeless to reach and maximize their full potential using Fitness, Education, and Diet (FED) as the foundation for their health, wellness, and success. We are one of the few organizations during Covid-19 that have remained consistent in hand delivering thousands of hygiene kits, masks, and PPE essentials to the homeless through our signature monthly “Grab n Go” events. Read more>>

Shirley Raines | Founder of Beauty 2 the Streetz

Beauty 2 the streetz is a nonprofit that focuses on the needs of the homeless in Los Angeles skid row area. We understand that being homeless does not and should not mean a loss of who one is. People still want to feel good and look good despite their circumstances. We help the community with food, clothing, hygiene, makeup, haircuts, braids and more. I think we help the community by recognizing that they are individuals having a hard time right now in their life and they don’t need to be judged…they need to be lifted up and reminded of who they are. We hope by documenting our experiences in the street that people around the world will begin to help out in their own community and change the narrative of what homelessness is. Read more>>

Kara Duffy | Multipreneur & Founder of The Business Edit, KDCC International and The Powerful Ladies

All of my businesses have been created to help people realize their dream life and build their dream business. By empowering others to succeed through creating and serving in their unique way, we’re not only allowing someone to be financially secure but also to be doing work that matters to them and impacting their community in profound ways. We specialize in serving creative and heart lead entrepreneurs. I know that when we empower people like that the ripple effect is massive. More people knowing how to do what they love successfully and sustainable, how to serve the people they love and how to change the world in their way is the foundation and access to so many bigger “change the world” topics. Part of our mission is to empower others to be the change they wish to see. Read more>>

Whitney Wade | Urban Farmer / Garden Teacher, Owner of Plant Grow Eat

I first started Plant Grow Eat with changing the world in mind! How can I make an impact? And that impact has evolved into teaching people that they can grow organic food, to benefit their minds, bodies and the planet. There’s a mindful meditation that comes with growing food, thinking it through, tending to it, and finally eating it, which also obviously has its health benefits. In terms of the planet. Growing organic food provides a way to be super local, which reduces pollution, along with reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals. It’s good from every angle. Read more>>

Kourosh Rahimpour | Dentist

The best part of owning my own business has been the privilege of being able to provide care to the community. Our office is set up to be able to take care of all types of patients in a very personal way. Whether we are seeing a large family with many small children or an older patient who prefers tranquility and quiet, we are able to provide an amazing dental experience. Patients feel more comfortable knowing they will be seeing the same doctor every time. Read more>>

Yancy Trinidad | Event Specialist & Senior Producer for Digital Experiences

I am an Event Specialist and currently a Senior Producer at Summer Design Studio where our mission is to improve the digital experiences of social impact-driven organizations. To start, we have helped produce the very first Virtual Global Pride, a 28-hour pre-recorded live stream of speeches and performances from various LGBTQIA+ artists and organizations worldwide — viewed in 164 countries and seen by at least 1M viewers all over the world. Another event was the recently concluded GAPA Runway 2020. It is a pageant developed by a grassroots organization that serves the Gay and Asian Pacific Islander communities. Read more>>