We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Aurora Chase | Content Creator & Conscious Living Advocate

What lights me up is helping women change the way they see, love and show up for themselves. My course and coaching services help women live in harmony and feel safe within themselves! I believe that self-love is an essential foundation in life and for some of us we can’t feel this love, acceptance and compassion before going through a healing process. So my mission is to guide women through self-awareness, inner work & empowering practices towards a life where they are in touch with their intuition and feel confident! Read more>>

Tiffani Brooke Fest | Actress|Activist|TEDx Speaker

I’ve been an actor and a performer since I was a young girl. Only in my adult life however, did I really start understanding the relationship between art and social impact. Now I believe strongly that all art exists at the intersection of storytelling and social justice. And that my work as an activist is not separate from my work as an actress. The job of any form of art is to hold a mirror up to humanity, to create a dialogue with our reflection, to challenge it, and often to be a catalyst for social change. Read more>>

ozzy the grouch | Performing Artist

My music and art has ideas that include the challenges I have faced as a straight polyamorous man and the success I’ve found in being true to myself and everyone around me. I genuinely hope my music and ideas can bring greater awareness to others that have never heard of my sexuality or that perhaps have a misunderstanding of what that sort of relationship structure looks like. Read more>>

Darshawn Hooker | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Adjunct Professor

You know this has been a question I ask myself every six months. Not because I don’t view my profession as valuable to the communities I’m a part of, but because the way I view my work is that there has to be more than just the title or profession. I decided many years ago that the work I do as a licensed Marriage and Family therapist had to be impactful beyond the cliché sayings, “my therapist is the best” or “I love my therapist.” I wanted to create a space that allowed for a unique, individually curated, authentic connection between myself and anyone that allowed me to work with them on their mental health journey because at the root of it all is human connection. Read more>>