We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

3amparadise | Songwriter and Recording Artist

The attitude and mindset to never quit regardless of circumstances. If you have a dream or vision it was given to you for a reason, so execute and manifest to the best of potential. Read more>>

Anisha Khanna | Cofounder & CEO at Sonäge Skincare

Don’t fear Adversity – the flip side of adversity is opportunity. Adversity teaches you to persevere and be flexible and adaptable, and you need these skills if you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Monk Coleman | Author & Transformational Coach

I’d have to say everything that brought me to where I am now, all the habits that have benefited from, all came from this habit-Meditation. This is where my focus, consistency, and direction came from. Read more>>

Evan Noel Cheurfa | Business owner and mother

Being a morning person. I have always been one, and becoming a mother sort of forces you to be anyway. But I think of mornings as my time to get as much done as I possibly can before I burn out. I have more clarity, energy and drive in the mornings. I appreciate that about myself. Read more>>