We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Bonnie Schlachte | Director Ballet For All

I believe that all the valuable lessons I learned in succeeding in life and business can be attributed to the lessons I learned through my classical ballet training. Ballet has given me a philosophical foundation for many of my life lessons – not only personally but professionally. It has instilled in me many very helpful habits and has honed my focus and self discipline. These are just some of the helpful habits that ballet has taught be that apply well outside the studio setting. Read more>> 

Paola Alvarez | Business Owner & Insurance Agent

The habits that I’ve had to incorporate into my daily life have been working out, meditation, listening to podcast, reading and writing down what I am grateful for. Working out has it helped me on so many different levels like staying healthy physically but also mentally. It has helped me build discipline which I lacked growing up and even as an adult. It has also helped me build patience. Read more>>

Lupita Huizar | Píta Canta- Vocalist, Voice Coach, Vocal Arranger

I love to live a very disciplined and consistent lifestyle. Many of those daily habits are written down on a daily list of a sort. I learned very early on that a dream isn’t a goal until it’s written down. So I pretty much write everything down. It helps me to want to accomplish things that need to be done, long term and short term. I always feel a sense of serotonin whenever I see a list of tasks all checked off. From something as simple as taking out the trash and walking the dog, to as complex as buying a house. Read more>>

Kinski Onggara | Guitarist/Producer/Sound Designer

I have this habit when trying to learn new information/knowledge, I try to create my own way of thinking to further understand it. Either by creating a way to memorize it, or by creating a concept to help me understand it. Read more>>

Aktive Dailey | Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Beat Maker, & Music Consultant

Some habits I feel help me succeed is remaining confident, persistent, and continuing to stay self-motivated. Read more>>

MILA JAM | Pop Recording Artivist & Transgender Superstar

Self motivation, Persistence, determination and lots of rehearsals. Read more>>

Jocelyn Solomon | Sober Curious Coach & Yoga Retreat Leader

Consistency in effort and showing up with curiosity have been tried and true strategies for me in all of my endeavors. Our lives are made up of a million different choices throughout the course of each day. All of these choices can either support or thwart the quality of life we are seeking- from our thoughts, how we sleep, what we eat or drink, how we move our bodies, with whom we choose to spend our time, on and on. So while these small choices may feel inconsequential or mundane, in the collective they gather to create how we experience life. Read more>>