There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Anneliese Salgado | Creative Producer + Visual Artist

Our clients love working with us because of our genuine enthusiasm and investment in their artistic vision, and our ability to collaborate with them to push the message and the media forward. Myself and Co-Founder Aaron Eisenberg have spent over a dozen years each developing an expertise in our respective fields that combines with lived experience as artists ourselves. We immediately see and analyze projects from our multiple vantage points as a result, and lean on these insights to guide our creative approach in such a way that meets goals, expectations and (very importantly!) budget. Read more>>

Lukas Cuman | Audio Engineer & Mixer

The most important factor behind my success is to trust your feelings. Everyone should trust their feelings and follow what it gives them some positive vibes and energies. When you feel it, that’s probably going to be the right thing to do in your life. I am extremely lucky that this coincides with my biggest passion, the music. Couldn’t ask for more ! Making music with different people almost every day, having fun and having to possibility to pay the bills doing this it’s an incredible dream coming true and a real blessing. The other important factor is to never give up. I know it seems a platitude, but when you give up you will never achieve your goal and if it would be easy everyone will do it! Read more>>

Nery Kim | Jazz Pianist & Composer

The most important factors behind my success are positive attitude and optimism. Life of a musician, a Jazz Musician no less, is not at all a smooth sail. I can go on and on about all sorts of different adversities I’ve had to face. I felt frustrated in those moments, of course, but I told myself that some of these difficulties were out of my control and simply accepted the suck. However, I never stopped telling myself these are all part of growth, and that one day I’ll surely become a successful musician. Read more>>

Anne Silsby | Co-founder, Act of Wellness

The most important factor behind the success of Act of Wellness is helping people realize that their personal journey to wellness and happiness starts with one small step. That small positive step that you do for yourself each day creates positive momentum. Those steps include the products you use for your skin, the activity you get, focusing on sleep, what you eat and how you focus on your energy. Often times, people think in order to seek wellness they have to overhaul everything. That can feel overwhelming and lead to going backwards. Read more>>

Nadia White | Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Since beginning my dance training as a child in Alberta, Canada, I have been deeply passionate and extremely hard working. At 14, this joy and dedication led me to receive the Dream Team dance festival scholarship for EDGE Performing Arts Centre in Hollywood (given to the dancer with the most potential to become a professional). Two years later, I underwent two major surgeries reattaching the cartilage in my hips, spending my graduating year in a wheelchair, watching my peers perform, and questioning my purpose. Read more>>

Ari Taublieb | Financial Planner & Dreamer

I quit my job during a pandemic to take a job at a financial company that was a few years old because I believed in the vision. It didn’t seem like the wisest financial move, especially when there was a company telling me I’d be making numbers that I only believed were on checks in the movies. It was the best move of my life. I’ll rewind a few years. Read more>>

Naomi La Crespa | Plus size Model

I believe that the most important factor behind my success is my support system. Modeling has been a dream of mine since I was in college. I had so much support from my siblings, mom, friends and online friends. It is a cutthroat industry and had I not had the support I did + faith in myself I would not be pursing my dreams right now. It is still so surreal to me that I am getting booked to be part of projects that are shared with thousands of people. Read more>>

Ellis White | Transformation Specialist

The most important factors behind the success of Premier are, by far, our commitment to Faith and Family. God, primarily, has been a foundational pillar in my life and therefore my success – without Him, nothing is possible. There have been countless trials and tribulations along my journey, but I have always been given favor and blessed. I have had doors open or people and opportunities present themselves to encourage or facilitate my success. Read more>>

Marc Luzuriaga | Founder of TimberwolveService

The most important factor behind my success is using first principles to solve problems. Typically, many people like to solve problems headfirst into the water until they realize that they are swimming in circles, making little to no progress towards solving a problem. On the contrary, the first principle approach to thinking likes to boil down problems to their core truths and axioms. These core truths serve as building blocks for solving a problem. Read more>>

James Lee | DJ+MC and Event Planner

This will probably sound obvious and somewhat general, but I’d say this in the most important factor is Customer Service. Some people may say price, DJ skills, or something else specific. But it’s the entire customer experience from when they first reach out to you through the end of the event. So that means communicating and replying quickly to their needs with clear answers and solutions. Providing tools and resources to help them prepare for their event. Putting together a well thought out timeline with a customized questionnaire so they can easily provide the info I need to execute my job the way they want. Read more>>

Jessica Evans | Music Artist/Singer/Songwriter and CEO and Founder of the L•🎙•V•E Brand

I am so excited to share this! The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand L•🎙•V•E is the Never give up mindset! That no matter what you will see your dream become a reality! Read more>>

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini | Multi-Passionate Creative Entrepreneur

I think some of the most important factors that have allowed me to find success in both of my small businesses has been learning from my mistakes early on, trusting my gut, staying true to my purpose and overall vision, and always willing to share my knowledge if it will help others succeed and grow in their paths to entrepreneurship. I’m a firm believer in community over competition! Read more>>

Natalie Davis | Professional Tattoo Artist

Kindness. The world’s view on tattooing has changed drastically over time, in a positive way. We’ve done really well to shake stigmas around being a tattooed person. But I continue to hear the same tale from clients time and time again: they’ve had a bad experience with a tattoo artist that made them question whether they wanted to seek out getting another piece. Read more>>

Joey Mattina | Chiropractor

Consistency. Throughout my life I have learned that if you stick with something long enough, eventually you will start to reap the rewards. One of my favorite personal development coaches was Jim Rohn, and he used to say “every discipline has a multiple reward.” I’ve taken that to heart and stay disciplined and patient with things I am trying to accomplish, knowing that with enough effort and time, success is inevitable! Read more>>

kamil Hudgins | influencer and content creator

The most important factor behind my success of my brand are the trust i gained from my audience. it takes so much work and constancy to do what i do and its in high demand so gaining trust from other and support means so much from me . Read more>>

Catherine Horzen | CEO and Founder

This is cliché, but honestly, making a quality product that the consumer can believe in and trust they are getting something of value is the primary factor behind Peligo’s success. Someone said to me early on, “it’s much harder to get a good review than it is a bad review. And it’s a lot harder to come back from (rectify?) a bad review.” This comment was made in a very casual conversation, but the statement held a great deal of weight for me. Read more>>

Kyra Lumpkin | Perfumer & Chandler

The most important factor behind the success of Penrose Apothecary is purposeful intention. When creating Penrose Apothecary, my number mission was and still is, to create a space where people can feel welcomed with warmth and acceptance. I believe Penrose is successful because it is a manifestation of loving on purpose and with purpose. Every aspect of the brand and the experience Penrose provides is meticulously thought out. Read more>>