A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Tekquan Alexander | Creative Music artist

The things I went through inspire me most. I don’t want anybody to go through what I did, so I vent and give myself freely to the next person to give impacting knowledge that’ll help them be better than what I did. Read more>>

Darryl Smith | Artist & Arts Educator

I am very much inspired by all things related to the Ancient Greek world whether it’s the literature, the language, the philosophy, or the art—every aspect has influenced and inspired me in some way shape or form. What really inspires me though is their legacy in our contemporary world. The language, of course, has a profound legacy as we use their words literally every day. The mythology has been the inspiration for so many artists including myself. The way they were able to codify the human experience and natural phenomena in words I find captivating. From the words it trickles into all of their visual arts. In my work I primarily look at Ancient Greek sculptures and vase paintings and occasionally some Roman mosaics, though I’m focused more on Greece’s ancient history. Read more>>

Leigh Ann Taylor | Actress & Social Worker

I’m inspired by so many things! Life is full of moments of inspiration, and the more I open to life, the more it opens to me. I’m inspired by art, in all its forms; performance art, visual art, creative writing, storytelling, music, dance, architecture, photography, design, etc. I observe art and beauty all around me, in my day-to-day life and in simple moments of appreciation. I’m inspired by the beauty of nature, by kindness and compassion, by sensitivity and vulnerability, by humour, justice, hope, love, the power of forgiveness. Read more>>

Ana Castillo | Interior Designer

I would say that we are most inspired by nature and natural elements. This inspiration is what originally drove us to launch The Castillo Collective, after sensing a need in the industry for a more sustainable approach to home design. Living and working in Hawaii has also been a source of inspiration and has helped us to develop an appreciation for indoor/outdoor living. We are constantly striving to find ways to bring nature inside and incorporate earth friendly materials and this has become an inherent quality in all of our projects. Read more>>