A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Shan Jiang | Director, Actor&Production Designer

I usually combine the elements into an idea using pictures that I took. I have pictures from my daily life of all over the place, a lost doll in front of star bucks, a sign at little Tokyo says follow your nightmares or my friend’s marriage photo, or a selfie. But there’s also visual stuff from other people too, but meanly pictures yes. Read more>>

Kadesha Taylor Morgan | Spiritual Life Coach

I am inspired by life, the ebbs and flows, and the ability to experience life. Knowing that our situation is never permanent, and we always have the possibility to change, if you choose. It allows me to go with the flow of it rather than resisting its nature. Knowing that everything has seasons, just like our trees know when it’s time to let go of their leaves, we too have our seasons of release, sitting still and growing again. Life is beautiful, and although we experience its challenges, I’m able to draw inspiration even from those times because there are lessons in all of it, honing into and allowing your intuition to guide you through is the biggest inspiration of all. The insight and messages along the journey helping to propel you forward inspire me to keep going. Read more>>

Mirella Toncheva | Storyboard Artist and Animator

I take a lot of inspiration from observing the world around me. Real world happenings often make it into my art- appearing in character designs, animations, or recently in storyboards. I love riding the subway or bus – everyone that gets on has their own story, aspirations, quirks, and drives. They all pack into a metal box on their way to different destinations. Most travelers will never see each other again, but in that small space their stories collide. Read more>>

Val Chan | Mixed Media Artist

On a day to day level, I am continuously distracted and inspired by all sorts of things: The impossibly delicate nest snuggled between a spray of leaves in my rose bush. The planting choices my neighbors make. Some silly poem I read online. A local business owner’s shrine full of Maneki Neko. Vintage irons found scattered throughout an antique mall. Sometimes, I am distracted only long enough to search out the name and some basic information about the item that caught my eye. Read more>>

Lana Pineda Köhn | Contemporary Painter

While my creative inspiration comes from many places in my life and is constantly evolving, my work is currently an exploration of cultural identity through mythology. The sagas and stories from mythology has always resonated with my and I’ve found it to be a fantastic conduit for reconnecting with parts of my past that otherwise felt lost. Read more>>

Chandler Couillard | Model

Other people, mostly. I look to other models. photographers, musicians, designers, artists of all kinds, for insight and inspiration. It’s really special to build relationships with other creatives and watch ideas come to life – everyone’s mind is so different. Read more>>

Cristina Rivadulla-Rey | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

I’m most inspired by authenticity. Originality, credible and unique concepts and solutions are what drive me. I like to think one of my greater strengths is problem solving; seeing a way through to developing or designing an approach or product that does the job. I’m not just drawn to the way things are made but also their form and purpose. Read more>>

Jiahn Chung | Illustrator & Concept Artist

Storytelling, animated films, and concept art have always been my biggest escape from the stressful situations in my life as my own reality would often be too overwhelming to take in. Art has always helped me through difficult times. Through my own creations, I wish to evoke in others the emotions that I have experienced, and reach others the way that art has impacted my life. Creating an entire universe with tangible characters and a compelling narrative for the sole purpose of breaking away from our own world has always fascinated me. Read more>>

Veronica Yune | Aerial-Burlesque Artist and Actress

I have always been inspired by Theatre, Old Hollywood glamour, music and anything that inspires me creatively. Definitely a risk I took pursing this path, however, I am always inspired by having this creative outlet that allows me to separate myself from everyday life and create a world or place on the stage which allows myself and the audience to escape to for a moment in time. Read more>>

Christine Le | Storyteller

I am truly inspired by the community around me. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by a resilient family, supportive friends and allies, and an amazing partner. My community is made up of refugees, dreamers, immigrants, undocumented people, queer folx, and so much more. They inspire me to tell stories of intersectionality, stories of resilience, stories of love and friendship – to show how beautifully unique, yet interconnected and universal our stories are to each other. Read more>>