Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

The Sistuhs | Jameelah AKA Big Sis & Kaamilah AKA Lil Sis

We started our podcast at the height of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. It was just a way for us to digest what was going on and try to find some comedic relief at such an intense time. Read more>>

Colin, Alex, Harrison, and Amelia | Co-Founders, Palm + Oak

The four of us knew we wanted to go into business together, and we were all craving some kind of creative outlet. Then Colin and I were having our first baby, and Amelia and Harrison (the other half of Palm + Oak) gifted us a jar of avocado dye and some avocado dyed onesies. We all loved the dye color and process so much that we started exploring natural dyes. In addition to natural dyes, we do coffee roasting, screen printing, embroidery, and are always picking up new hobbies. Read more>>

Dani Fusaro | Chronic Illness Mindset Coach, Photographer, and Model

The idea for my chronic illness mindset and lifestyle coaching business came to me slowly over time. Six or seven years ago, I became Disabled by a severe chronic illness. I went from being very active and running up to 5 miles, to barely being able to stand up. The adjustment was extremely hard. I lost my identity to my illness because my life solely consisted of taking medications, doing treatments, and doctor visits. I was miserable and didn’t see a way out. I eventually got to a breaking point and slowly had to figure out how to function on a daily basis alongside my illness. Read more>>

Eliana Mancilla Fabian Aleman | Co Owners of El PawPit

We came up with the idea for our business shortly after adopting our first dog Drax back in 2018. We wanted to create accessories for him and apparel for us that combine the love we have for both our dog and Latinx roots. Within the first year of adopting Drax we met so many individuals just like us, Latinx millennials who share a profound connection with their dogs. The connections we made inspired us to use terms like Chucho and Firulais which are commonly used in the Latinx community when referring to dogs as well as, phrases such as No Pos Wow but with a dog loving twist. Read more>>

Ciara Turner-Ewert | Wellness Travel Blogger and Wellness & Transformative Travel Coach

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to travel the world. Now, twenty plus years later I’m doing just that. My vision started as a desire to travel the world, but blossomed into so much more. After college, I graduated with two things: a college degree and a traumatic brain injury from playing collegiate sports. With a new found injury and a desire to travel, I wasn’t sure how I could do both. At the time, I had severe migraines, dizziness, and was in constant pain all over my body. Doctors said the outlook on me making a full recovery was grim, but I knew I could do it. I just needed to take it one day at time and give my body the space (and tools) it needed to heal. Read more>>