Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Tiffany Fraser | Yoga Teacher

I never really expected to have my own business. I was an actor and I wanted to do something different that would be more rewarding and dependable. I decided I wanted to go from my love of practicing yoga to becoming a teacher of yoga. After completing 2 different 200 hour teacher trainings, I was hired to teach a few classes at some gyms and yoga studios. I wasn’t making a living but I felt so joyful. Then, very quickly I had class students ask me to teach them private sessions. Within months I was teaching more private sessions and classes all over the LA area than I could handle. Over the years, I haven’t needed to be associated with gyms or yoga studios because I have been in demand for one on one sessions. Read more>>

Pamela Jaye Smith | Mythologist, Author, International Speaker-Consultant.

In 1992 I was taking classes in the Wisdom Teachings [the physics of metaphysics] from Georgia Lambert at the Philosophical Research Society. Our assignment was to figure out a way to put those principles to work in our regular work. Though I’d always been interested in mythology, it was something on the side back then as I was producing and directing commercials, documentaries, music videos, corporate and military films. How to put esoterics into that? Then I recognized that the archetypes, the chakras, group dynamics, and symbolism were all at work in stories and media. Read more>>

Jennie Morton | Osteopath, Artist, and Performing Arts Medicine Specialist

This is an interesting question for me as I never really viewed myself as having a ‘business’ per se. My work grew organically through a process of seeking answers to questions that I had as a performing artist and the realization that others wanted to find these answers too. I come from a family of performers – I did my first professional film acting job aged 5, then toured for 5 years from the age of 8 performing a child role with a large Ballet company, so I was exposed to vagaries of the professional entertainment industry early.. As my Dad was a TV director, I spent a lot of time in TV studios surrounded by many prominent artists of the day and was acutely aware of the disparities between their personal and professional personae. Read more>>

Lori Traub | Founder, MySpa2Go

Life was hectic for myself being a full time working mom. I had little time for myself to take care of my own self care and wellness needs, which I didn’t prioritize and knew I wasn’t alone on. The idea of making it convenient without having to leave the house and go to a salon or spa by simply having it done in my own home was something I believed was truly lacking and needed by many other than myself. Going to a salon or spa was a chore I had little time or energy for. And especially these days, adding health and safety factors to salons which was always an issue for me, even pre-pandemic. Read more>>

Londa Mabra | Traveling Wine Guide & CEO/Owner

At the beginning of 2020 Coronavirus was the top focus of our lives. What’s next? How do we go on and move forward? We were on a nationwide quarantine. There was nowhere to go After weeks of long 12 hour shifts. I wanted to relax and go to a winery or wine bar/ lounge and have an exceptional glass of wine. Of course there was nowhere to go; except home. All the places I would normally go were closed with no plans in place for when and how to reopen. My home and backyard became my new escape. My decampment! Aside from the limited supply of top quality wines, amazing ambiences, and friends or family being out of reach at the time. I begin to search my soul and think of how I could change this some how. Read more>>

Ali Ali | Podcasters

During lockdown we used to always video call each other. One night, Ali H called Ali S with a legendary idea: let’s start a podcast. Ali S stared at his phone, wondering what to do, and he decided to decided to go with the flow. Read more>>