We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Irene Stylianou | Photographer and Owner of Lomography Cyprus

I generally dislike advice, particularly when I distrust someone’s motives. I especially disagree with the super cliché ‘Everything happens for a reason’. I’ve always tried to make things happen, I don’t like sitting around waiting for things to happen to me. Read more>>

Heidi Luo | Comedian, Actress and Educator

I was advised to get rid of my Chinese accent. I was told that was the only thing stop me advancing in my career. Read more>>

Andrew McCluskey | Musician & Founder

That conventional advice will work for you. Has anyone been you before? Has anyone got the unique set of skills and talents and life experiences that make up YOU? Has anyone had your idea before? I’m not talking about top level aggregate, I’m talking about your unique take on it – the feeling that makes you go – “Yes, this is it, this can work, I’m going to go for it” – has anyone seen it from your perspective before? If you’ve answered No to both of those questions – then how the hell can the advice – compiled in aggregate on what everyone else has done in the past – be a roadmap for the manifestation of your idea? Conventional advice paints in broad brush strokes – it describes the pool, not how you should swim in it. Understanding that positioning, marketing, culture, growth strategy etc., are things you should be looking at is one thing, following conventional advice on how to develop strategies and tactics within these areas is another, and rarely works out. Read more>>