One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Gabrielle Furlong | Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Rehabilitation Coach

I’m inspired by the people with a feisty (but kind!) attitude; people who continue to grow and improve themselves and who never stay stuck where they don’t want to be. These are the type of people who want to be in a good place and always get better, while helping others get there too and they truly make the world a better place. I’m inspired by the fact that there we never have to stop learning and how there are so many aspects of life to continually be explored. I’m inspired by the outdoors. Whether I’m at the beach, in the mountains or just getting some sun, something about it brings out my creativity and good feelings. (And bonus if there are animals/critters involved). I am inspired by expressing gratitude and the ability to realize all that I have and also how far I’ve come in life. We always have something to be proud of, within ourselves and we also always have something that is going right. Lastly, am also inspired by the cutest little people I know, who are always inspired by me right back (my kids). Read more>>

HeJune | Rap Artist Song Writer Model

I’m inspired by the little kids that look up to me in my community. I use to give away free mixtapes at my local mall at Pac Sun, and that pretty much developed a small fan base that had kids from 12-18 coming up to me in public saying how they got my music and hope I make it big because they are true fans now. One kid who was Asian actually approached me crying saying he doesn’t have many Asian artists to look up to and he thanked me and that will be inspiration for me until the day I die. Read more>>

Tyus Liu | (a.k.a. tysu) Producer/Beatmaker and Guitarist

It’s definitely gotta be listening to other artists’ music. Whenever I hear something that catches my ear I add it to my “inspirations” playlist on Spotify and keep it for later. Sometimes, if I really like a particular mix of a song, I will find a download of the song somewhere, download it, and use it as a reference track for my mixes. I also think it’s easy to be influenced by all things non-music as well. Anything you experience, see, or feel all contributes to what creative product you end up making, and I think part of this unpredictability is what keeps creativity in music interesting to me. Read more>>

Felicia Sun | Founder of Adorned Studios

I’m always inspired when learning of businesses that have strategic vision to impact people and communities. I made two trips to Cambodia in 2013 and 2016, and during one of these trips, I visited a design studio where a missionary couple was teaching young Cambodians graphic design skills and training them using real-world projects. They would have the students design marketing material for local businesses, such as menus for local restaurants. I was so inspired as I watched this couple teach young people (many of them orphans) professional art & design skills so they could escape the cycle of poverty and make a living for themselves. At the same time, their studio was helping local businesses thrive. I aim to model my own business after organizations like this with a thoughtfully holistic vision to provide training, opportunities, and dignity to the least of society. What inspires me most to use business as a vehicle for impact is actually the Bible. Proverbs 24:3 says, “Wise people are builders—they build families, businesses, communities. And through intelligence and insight, their enterprises are established and endure.” Read more>

Kira Maria Shewfelt | Artist

Lately I’ve been inspired by: Sunsets. Roses. Shadows. Wavey lines. Red and its iterations. Blue and its iterations. Landscapes as emotional entities. Historic kisses. Shared experience. Time beyond self. Repetition. Read more>>

Ernesto Pletsch | Cinematographer

I’m inspired by people. But not ordinary people. It’s mainly by those who are passionate. People who have that spark in their eyes; that vibrates when they speak, people that glow. It’s pretty clear when you meet them. The ones who truly believe that, regardless what they’re doing, they are creating a better world around them. It doesn’t really matter if they are right or wrong in their beliefs, but the energy that they put into life, work & the ones that surround them that truly matters to me. I’m really captivated by that and I try to stay close to them as much as possible. It sounds puristic, probably too romanticized, but that’s what inspires me. Maybe because I’m also one of them… But above it all, I’m inspired by the everyday life and its subtle nuances; the natural cycles and the constant energy movement. Anything that contrasts or have something to say. Read more>>