We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Ryan J. Downey | Journalist & Artist Manager

I’m most inspired by a point of view. The art I connect with most is the art that has something to say. It doesn’t have to be a political or social message. I just want to feel that the filmmaker, author, musician, comedian, playwright, etc. have something to say. And that they must say it like their world would stop if they couldn’t get it out of their system. This is the most meaningful kind of work to me. I don’t judge folks who make things for purely commercial reasons or even those who pander shamelessly. Read more>>

Jae Bryana | Hair Stylist

I am inspired by all African-American women who are business owners as well. I love to see the growth in women while they are growing their business. Seeing them push their selves to perfect their craft, to expand their minds, to motivate those around them, to survive as well as succeed is the most inspiring. Taking in all that the world throws at us all while building an empire with a strong and solid foundation is not the easiest thing to do but to wake up every morning putting one foot in front of the other determined to reach your highest level of potential makes us stronger than ever. Read more>>

Cameron Jordan | Lifestyle and Ethereal Photographer

Magic. I am so inspired by the natural magic that takes place in this world. It takes a fine tuned eye and patience to see. We are able to access information, goods, experiences with such immediacy that I love showcasing visuals that take a moment to full digest. Light plays a huge part in this and can drastically change the mood and overall tone of an image. This to me is truly magical and fuels my reason to create. Read more>>