One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Juan Antonio | Guitarist | Content Creator

Inspiration can be sparked by everything and anything; it depends on the moment. In many cases it can be summoned through the senses; I am definitely a fan of experiencing each of the senses on their own and in detail. Inspiration can appear in the form of sounds; which in my case happens a lot being a musician. It can be the sound of waves crashing, rain, the city, nature. Each of these moments can bring up different emotions and different ideas urging to be portrayed. Read more>>

Tyler Sanders | Model and Trauma focused therapist

I’m inspired by….truthfully my own inner critic and own self doubts. It sounds a little weird lol , but I am my own biggest critic . Most things I did not do was out of my own fear or lack of beliefe in myself. I truly regret not modeling sooner or creating my own brand sooner. Shoot! I should probably go ahead and get my llc for my own therapy practice. The only reason why I waited to do these things is because at a younger age I lacked confidence, vision, security in what I wanted. I lost sight of my values and what brings me fulfillment in life until I was 25/26. Read more>>

Charan Singh | Author, Coach, Athlete

im inspired by the never ending pursuit of being the best possible version of yourself. im inspired by those who fall and have all the odds stacked against them yet still manage to stand and fight. im inspired by those who paved the way for us to live today. Read more>>

Akshat Bagla | Photographer and Filmmaker

Quite a few things actually. Talking about visual media cinema and anime have a huge impact on me, my life values and my creative/artistic process. They teach me about my craft and about life. To some anime might just be cartoons but there is so much more to it. As a 23 year old man those cartoons invoke emotions that most things can’t. They teach me the value of life, freinds and family. I have grown up watching movies, the first thing I remember is the intro of James Bond from when I was a little kid. Movies have had a solid impact on my creative approach as wel as technical aspects when it comes to photography and lighting. Second would be 90s Hip-Hop. Read more>>

Lori Garrote | Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

I’m inspired by the hunger to create , positivity , love and encouragement . Read more>>

Lauren | Owner-operator of Lauren of Palm Springs

I am inspired by Old Hollywood women. I have always been awe struck by stars like Lucille Ball, Rosalind Russel, and Liz Taylor. I remember watching them with my grandmother and going through all her books to find everything I could about them. Their fashion was always on point, and these women could rock a caftan like no one else. Plus, they were so quick witted and had a rapport with the press that made me want to emulate them. This idea of living large and authentically came from that and lead me to share myself and my brand with the world. Read more>>

Maya Milana | DJ

Music!!!! Music is by far the most influential part of my life. The thing about music is, it inspires different people in different ways, for me sound frequencies touch my soul in a way that goes beyond what one could describe with language. It’s the purest form of self expression higher than language, since language defines people and culture. Music transcends culture. It is the means by which one can create common grounds and understanding. Read more>>