We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Asha Dahya | Speaker & author

I am inspired by the stories of everyday women and girls who don’t wait for the proverbial “prince charming”, and instead become their own heroes in life by starting businesses, becoming leaders in their communities, and use innovative ways to solve problems. Read more>>

Yolando Mitchell Brown | Creative Entrepreneur

I am inspired by the unknown. I know it might sound strange but I like going into uncharted territory. Read more>>

Valerie J. Bower | Photographer

I’m inspired by Los Angeles, my hometown Wilmington, my new neighborhood in Long Beach, my family, my friends, music,photography, art, life. Read more>>

Genie Davis | Writer, Media Producer & Publisher

I am inspired differently depending on what I’m getting inspired FOR. When I write about art, I am inspired by the work itself. When I write about any subject that involves interviews, whether it is a business owner, activist, artist, writer, inventor, or the subject of a memoir – the subject inspires me, some answer given, some spark expressed. When I write about travel, I am inspired by the experience. And when I write fiction, whether it is a novel or a script, I am inspired by an image, a place, an emotion. Poetry is almost always inspired by emotion, or someone else’s image or thought; perhaps a dream. Straight-up content or business writing, tech or science articles, the inspiration comes from making something or someone sound their best — so I do not take on “any” assignment in this regard; I have to be fine with supporting it. Finally, I am inspired in my life by the people I love. Read more>>