We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Diana Beck | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I’m a licensed clinician and I provide mental health services to the people who reach out to me for psychotherapy. Therapy is my platform to connect, be creative, and bear witness to the interactions and experiences that impact my clients. This is a mutually beneficial process – I learn just as much from my clients as they do from me. So, my end goal you ask? Well, I don’t have an end goal. I plan to continuously discover, then re-discover, and identify new meaning when new meaning presents. Read more>>

Kevin Khor | Sound Designer and Recordist

My end goal is to be a Sound Designer who helps share great stories in films, games, podcasts, and documentaries. And, I hope that by the end of my career I will have had the opportunity to work on projects that have inspired people to think about life a little differently. Read more>>

Laura Lara | Ceramic Artist

My end goal is to be a successful ceramic teacher. I want to own my own studio have the creative freedom that I have now and keep making beautiful weird pieces of art that means so much to me and how I feel inside.. I want to teach inner-city kids who don’t have access to any art programs because they can’t be funded or they just never had the opportunity to dabble in the arts. Unfortunately it is extremely common for school to not have an art program and I believe that it should be accessible to everyone to find their creative side and learn to be more expressive either it be playing with clay or songwriting etc. Happiness and creative freedom go hand and hand so I want to inspire and create. Read more>>

VIctor Moses Navarro | Film Director and Co-Founder of Outer Heaven Creations

The end goal for me is quite simple, although the road to get there is anything but. I would love to be directing feature films and/or directing cinematic television shows (HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.) I also would love for the production company I Co-Founded, Outer Heaven Creations to be a successful production company that does anything from films (both feature length and short), episodic TV, commercial and music videos. I want to be able have a long and fulfilling career while also having Outer Heaven Creations become a sought after production company creatives want to work with. Read more>>

Berit Freutel | Creator & Capricorn

The end goal. What an interesting term, yet, we all think about it, I guess. We do. To me, it actually has something scary to it, because the word END means that there is nothing more to come?! And a career that has reached the end goal is finished. Read more>>

Rose Kochanek | Artist

I hope that I will be able to self sustain myself solely through my art one day. Being my own boss and pursuing my own visions appeal to me much more than freelancing for others. At the moment I am not able to do art full time, but I hope that as I continue to expand my craft, learn more about business, and grow, I will reach success slowly but surely. Read more>>

Kyle Dijamco | Music Video Director & Producer

Firstly, I chose this question because there is and isnt an end goal. Manifesting a life of directing/producing feature films, music videos, tv shows, and sports documentaries is the “end goal” however as I’ve worked in the film industry, my thought process behind it has changed. Having the ability to wake up everyday and have the chance to create with talented artists is the goal in itself. It is the journey of creating a piece to entertain those that seek to watch my work and upon release day, I’m reminded of the multiple blessings in my life for my career. After reaching a variety of milestones and life experiences, I’ve truly realized that as long as you’re doing something you love you’ve reached the dream. The stress, anxiety, doubts, and fears is what makes us feel alive in the industry because pressure is a blessing. I’ve always believed that. Read more>>

Warren Bub | Actor

The end goal for me I guess is just continue to be a working actor. I am not in this for fame. I love what I do and I know that I am blessed getting to do this everyday. I think when people get into any profession, you just want to be successful. Stay the course, remain humble, remember where you come from and never ever take family or friends for granted. So I guess really is that I just want to stay true to myself and stay being me. Read more>>

Makayla Bunce | Artist

Professionally my one goal I can work towards is to have grown a community around the arts by the end of my own journey. When it comes to art, I have always dreamed of simply continuing what I already do. Rather than goals of fame and recognition, I have only the desire to strengthen my abilities, and share them. Art as a career tends to be a framing that I struggle to grasp. Art is a part of life that feels so much larger than a career, so much more intricate. I have desires and wishes for different ways that I can share my artistic experience with others, or better yet – how I can encourage artistic expression in others. Open and shared studio spaces is one example, to create space for artists of any kind. A place where people from any walk of life can come and find support to create. This type of long term goal takes a lot of planning, that I have only just begun after graduating, but it is without a doubt my main goal, not just in my career but in my life. Read more>>

Erin Person | Founder and Connector

My end goal is to create an avenue for people to find success and leave a legacy of their own. By the end of my career, I will have used my position as both an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur to evoke change that forces equality and cultivates opportunities for people of color to pursue their career goals without discrimination. The ConnectEO network will be filled with like-minded, successful, professionals who believe in the mission to collectively grow their businesses in a strategic and meaningful way. Read more>>