We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jennifer Berson | Founder & President, Jeneration PR & Jeneration Academy

I want to make an impact on the lives of women all over the world through my programs that empower them to take their careers into their own hands. I have created a powerful platform, Jeneration Academy, that teaches them how to master PR, a very sought-after and in-demand skill, and then provides a proven framework for how to run a profitable agency, supporting clients they love and that they are truly passionate about. The model that I provide allows women to “have it all” by growing a successful business on their terms and around their schedule. Read more>>

Kenzie Fitzpatrick | Firearms Instructor, Published Writer, and Owner of Reticle Up Marketing

My number one goal with my business is to show the world that women can be successful in the firearms industry by being professional, knowing their craft better than anyone else, and without having to compromise their morals or values. I want young women who are more outdoorsy and less feminine to feel comfortable in their own skin, be their true authentic selves, and chase their passion no matter what it is. I want more women to break gender norms. I am living my dream every single minute of every single day. Read more>>

Kristen Lee | Visual Development Artist & Illustrator

Personally, I think there’s a kind of pressure that comes with creating or maintaining a legacy. I don’t particularly desire or feel the need to be remembered. I think that with the prevalence of social media, content and art are being consumed extraordinarily quickly these days, which is totally fine! However, people itch move onto the next thing so quickly and creators often feel the pressure to keep up with the neverending waves of trends and the need to non-stop create to “stay relevant,” which I think often leads to burnout. Read more>>

Sojey Fernández | CEO | Founder of D&S Agency & ConectaWNY | Empowerment Speaker | Co-author.

My legacy and what I want people to remember me is for my resilience, for being a dreamer that never gave up in the face of obstacles. To show that no matter where you come from, no matter what happened in your past ,your traumas, your childhood, your current situation, your fears, the false perception that you have about yourself, you can heal and overcome anything if you really believe in yourself and most importantly if you believe in God. Read more>>

Ashley Lee | Dancer / Mover

A visionary. I want people to remember that in this lifetime I chose me, through and through. undoubtedly. indefinitely. That I held value to my dreams and created the life i desired. Read more>>