We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be.  Check out their responses below.

Darius Rosario | Designer/Photographer/Artist

I want Sensitive Creatures to be my legacy. More-so of what the meaning behind it is; having a vision for what the future looks like. I want people to be the best versions of themselves and to be honest with themselves/others. It’s parallel to mental health and self love because when those two things are not in good standing, you start to disrupt your peace and hurt the people around you. I also want to have an everlasting change on the of Springfield, MA. Read more>>

Jazmyn Pratt | Co-Founder of BLK WINS

I would like my legacy to be known as a relatable story-teller. I think that the art of story-telling is truly something that I have a knack and passion for, and that the stories that I want to share are as captivating and compelling to my audience as it is to me and my team that created. Before BLK WINS, I knew that I had the skills, but this has certainly helped me as a person find that inner historian that wants to bring truth to the world in a way that is entertaining, fun and easy to learn. Read more>>

Nandi G | Stylist, Photographer & Creative Director

I want to be remembered for bringing people together to do what they love. In the creative world there can be so many politics, but I think i’ve been really fortunate enough to have curated a small community within the group of creatives i’ve worked with to where they support each other outside of knowing me, I think thats the most beautiful part, being able to have a small support group but also a group that can get off some great ideas. Read more>>