We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Alexis Kemp | Executive Chef

I want my legacy to be that I created financial stability for my family while pursuing my passion for cooking. That there’s value in being an entrepreneur and controlling how you live your daily life. That living a life of service is a beautiful thing. That creatives can be financially successful. I want to be remembered for creating mouth watering food as well as serving people and making people happy with my work. Read more>>

Jozsef Daniels | Portrait Photographer

I want to be remembered by the artwork I have left behind, the people I have been able to touch and the difference my images can make for the world. Images can shape hearts, and my purpose is to make the world a better, happier place when I am gone. Read more>>

JT | Artist & Producer

I want my hustle to be untouchable. I know I’m really hard on myself sometimes, I usually do everything by myself because people be weird but on the flip side, I appreciate that part of myself so much, my grind can’t be stopped and I respect that about me, real niggas will too, and my work will exude my hustle and form my legacy for me. Read more>>

Wendy Whitmore | MS LMFT & Clinical Life Coach

I want to be remembered as a human being that was compassionate, a lover of the community and always after Gods true heart, by being a servant to his people. I love yo serve, it is what has kept me moving forward. I am honored to be in the position that I am in where I can assist others on their healing journeys. I want to pass down to my 4 heartbeats: Jailen, Khatelan, Jasmine and Tiara, the spirit of compassion & vulnerability. I want them to always be vocal and vulnerable so that they speak their truth and allow themselves to stay open, connected and curious. Read more>>

Ashley Berry | Intuitive Card Reader, Coach & Energy Healer

More than anything, I want my legacy to be one of empowerment. It is always my hope that the work I do and the messages I share help people uncover their own innate wisdom and capacity to heal. The greatest compliments I ever receive all essentially entail someone telling me that somehow, through their connection with me, whether that was over social media or during a session, they felt a deeper sense of self acceptance and the ability to express themselves more authentically and vulnerably. I truly believe that each and every one of us has something unique to offer the world and that our wellness, both as individuals and as a collective, is best served by each of us diving boldly into our passions, letting ourselves be lit up by the things that bring us joy, and then sharing that light with the communities around us. Read more>>

Alain Rogier | Artist-Abstract Painter

I want my legacy to be that I fully explored life and served as a catalyst to others to explore the human condition and, ultimately engage in improving it. Read more>>