We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Samir Janjua | Men’s Work Facilitator & Photographer

My legacy will be elevating the masculine consciousness on this planet. And with that, we heal, transform, and come alive with our fullest self-expression, which supports all of humanity and the mother earth. Read more>>

Fatmah Muhammad | Entrepreneur

I want my people to remember my by the muslim american palestinian woman who inspired many women and girls to pursue their dreams and passion..to never give up no matter..to give back to those who need help..and most importantly to be a peace maker and spreading love,happiness and unity through our famous palestinian knafeh Read more>>

Mya Abraham | Writer

I don’t recall where this quote stems from, but something that I live by is the phrase, “remember me by the words I’ve written into this world.” Being named after the indelible Maya Angelou came with a certain weight, especially once I discovered the power and strength I possess with my own voice and pen. So, I want people to know that I’m a lover of us— the culture and Black people, especially Black women first. Second, I’m a writer. I tell Black stories, document R&B history and help others find their own voice. Read more>>

Deston Heiner | Musician

My legacy is to create an environment for people to feel like they belong and to completely eliminate that feeling of loneliness. Read more>>

Josh Trotter | Photographer

Of course I would want everyone to remember me as being an awesome person, but most importantly I want everyone to remember me as being real. I want everyone to remember me as being the person they can depend on, to know that I gave all I had to give and that I never judged anyone on their life choices and who truly are at heart. Read more>>

McKenzi Vanderberg | Writer & Director

When I think about my goals, aspirations, and desired achievements I circle back to a fundamental question – was it done with kindness and was it done with respect? So much of the creative industry requires a level of cutthroat that I find unnecessary, and my biggest wish is to leave an impact through compassionate collaboration and respectful pursuit of filmmaking. To be a filmmaker is to tell stories (both my own and others) and I take that responsibility incredibly seriously. To not exploit but to amplify. I am very passionate about mental health both on set and within storytelling, and if I can be known and remembered for anything, it is to speak truthfully and deeply through my stories. Whether it be a horror story of facing a literal personal demon or exploring the nuance of the female experience – I hope to exercise that truth with grace and understanding. Read more>> 

Binita Santra | Jewelry Designer. Social Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Free Spirit.

I’d love to be remembered as a daughter whose parents would be proud of the woman she became; a thoughtful, generous, and loyal friend; a compassionate, imperfect, purposeful, unconventional, adventurous free spirit with a quirky sense of humor who lived bold, dreamed big and did a bit of good in the universe. I believe what makes people, places, and things inherently valuable is how connected they make us feel. Think of the last time you shared a good laugh with your BFF, or wore the necklace your grandma gave you, or met a talented new artist at your local craft fair. It’s moments like these that can spark new connections and nurture the ones you value most. Founding Twentynorth was a natural extension of this idea. Read more>>