We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Coach Nami (Jagtiani) | CEO/Founder of The Mind Quotient

At a very simple level, I hope when people remember me, they recall that is when their light felt the brightest. At a larger scale, I hope to be remembered as the founder of The Mind Quotient – the leader of the movement that established the third quotient: not IQ, not EQ, but MQ – mastery of your mind. The Mind Quotient is filling the world with light by providing every single human being the tools and resources to bring themselves out of the dark. Read more>>

Mena Bo | Visual artist and designer

I want to use my knowledge and abilities to leave the world a little better than I found it. There are so many causes that need to be addressed and we as a community can do a lot to solve them. I want to be part of the solution. I know that it may sound idealistic and maybe naïve, but I know that a little can do wonders. That is why I am using visual arts (comic books) as a way to communicate with my community. Read more>>

CarlJ | Musical Artist

If their’s any legacy I want to leave with my career, it’s being genuine and helping people out. The whole reason I make music is to help people; music helped me get through so much in life. Whether it was listening to my favorite artists, making the music myself painting every emotion in my voice, or confiding with my friends through the energy music creates, music has helped me through every major stepping stone in my life. Read more>>

Minilik Addis | Choreographer & Teacher

That I cared the most about people getting it/understanding it. That I made people feel something either within my work or while working with me. That it’s gonna be fun, no matter what. Because that’s what’s authentic to me, there’s nothing deeper to it than that Read more>>

Wil$on | Musician/Model/Creative

I think I want to be known for helping others. Ive had good people look out for me in my career and I just want to pay that forward. If you ask anyone who knows me if I can throw a lob I definitely will. I don’t want anything in return either I just want to see other black people attain their dreams. Read more>>

Mai Khanh | Hair Salon Owner & Stylist

My peace of mind is deeply rooted in the desire to preserve this inclusive beauty haven where everyone comes knowing that they are completely understood and taken care of, where they turn to whether they simply feel like getting a touch-up or are prepared for a radical change. Plaza Hair Salon is a family-friendly environment that allows people to be themselves while exploring creative new ways to enhance their perception of their own appearance. Because beauty is also a state of mind – when it is unveiled and truly recognized on an individual level, then it is also projected for the world to see. Read more>>

Maria Shapley | Intuitive Life Coach & Actress

I want my legacy to leave people positively impacted by my presence. To have touched and transformed the lives of many for the best. I want people to remember me as someone who genuinely cares about people, despite any hardships, I continue to lead with the heart and show the way that if I can achieve my dreams, you can too. Read more>>