We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Stacy Alistair | Actress & Film Director

Momentum, art, Christopher Nolan, Jared Leto’s drive, Sam Levinson currently, freedom, openness to new ideas while focusing on my own vision without others’ disapproval, modern architecture, experiencing details instead of rushing through them, discovering music soundtracks to my favorite shows/movies – currently listening to the soundtrack to the show THE GREAT, forcing myself out of comfort to experience something I imagined but even better Read more>>

Cara Gonzales | Photographer

There are so many things that inspire my art and what I create. Everyday little things from how my coffee makes me feel in the morning to my evening drives home after my work. I feel like really simple things still fascinate me like recently I traveled on an air plane and growing up I have traveled so many times in an airplane; more times than I can remember. I still get excited and wonder how airplanes can defy gravity. I get excited flying through clouds and getting a window seat. I let life and everything around me inspire me really often. Read more>>

Michelle Soto Scerbo | CEO/Co-Founder of The Little Black Box™

I am inspired by those that overcome adversity, and continue to show up as the best versions of themselves in spite of it all. It’s not just the powerful CEOs, authors, or a favorite professor who inspire me; I’m inspired by the people around me, whose immense courage in turn inspired me with the courage to create and run my own business, and continues to inspire me each day to lead with perspective, purpose, and integrity. Read more>>

Bre’jon Golden | Fashion Stylist

I’m inspired by a plethora of things but what inspires me most is my Jamaican heritage. My love for bright colors, music, movement and an appreciation for everything EXTRA definitely starts there. Aside from that I’m inspired everyday by little things…LA is full of vibrancy and there are so many different environments to wander, you never know what will spark inspiration at any given moment. Read more>>

Brandi Lewis | Handmade Greeting Card Designer

Women who go after their dreams despite the challenges that they face. It boils down to consistency, professionalism, constantly strategizing and improving upon, never giving up, etc. Read more>>