We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Carlos Loza | Co-Founder | Azul Mejicano

Since I was a child, I have been very curious and have looked for inspiration in many places: in sports, in music (I love playing the guitar) or when traveling around the world. Each of these places have influenced who I am today and what I wanted about life, but in recent years there is something that I have found what is my true inspiration when I start any project: People. Read more>>

Ananth Subramaniam | Filmmaker & a future Playwright

My biggest inspiration has always been other artists. Growing up, the usual suspects who inspired me were Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter (I know! I was allowed to watch PG films since young. Take it up with my parents!). But in recent years, I’ve found myself wandering away from the traditional directors and more towards writers, documentarians, and photographers. People like Sam Shepard, Sandi Tan & Richard Misrach have been a huge influence on my recent and upcoming works. Read more>>

Lak’ Cole | Realtor

I’m inspired by seeing people live out their dreams! When I transitioned into my career in Real Estate, I realized that when you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel daunting or like work, as cliche as that sounds. It is a blessing to have a passion or love for something, so when you’re able to make a career out of it or do it everyday that’s inspirational. Read more>>

Alison Van Pelt | Artist

So many things inspire me to paint. I will make a painting just because I’m curious to see what will happen when I blur it. I may want to duplicate the way a light hits and casts a strong shadow. It can be the paint itself; I might jump out of bed to work just thinking about colors blending or the buttery texture of the paint. I may paint some thing because I think it’s important, but more often it’s not an intellectual exercise for me. I’m more motivated by the way something makes me feel. I might be compelled by a striking image, or a place, an object, an animal or a person. Read more>>

Derrick Fox | Owner/Creator of Epic Mega Cookie Co & Private Chef

Im inspired by success. I love seeing people succeed, whether its small goals or big goals. It gets me excited. I get excited because I know that you have to try and fail many times over before you become successful. I have tried and failed sooo many times. The main thing you have to remember is to NOT compare yourself and your success with others. We all have different starting points, trials & tribulations, backgrounds, and so on. Some have more privilege than others. Read more>>

Ange Mertzlufft | VIP Touring Coordinator, Creator, Activist

When I sit and think about this… in short, it’s music–but in long, it’s music in every sense of the word. It’s the loud arenas or any show at work, it’s the joy I see on every VIP I’ve ever had. It’s the songs that feel like a cape of strength in all the protests I’ve been apart of. My recipes’ soundtrack. The perfect compliment to my time outside. It’s the music playing in my garage studio that helps me create the pieces my heart needs to. Music makes things make sense for me. It gives my life cozy. Read more>>