We don’t believe success is random. Over the years we have spoken with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, researchers, athletes, and more. We’ve learned from them – both through their stories and through the advice they’ve shared with us – and it’s quite evident that success is more likely when certain habits are present. So, we decided to ask folks to share their habits with us, especially those that they feel helped them succeed.

Natalie Garay | Founder of You need {ther • happy}

Over the years, I have developed a morning routine that sets me up for my day. There’s something about waking up and laying in bed for a few minutes thinking about any dreams or thoughts I had through out the night; ideas have come to me through dreams. When I get out of bed, I greet my dogs and make some coffee. I like to enjoy my cup of coffee in my cozy bed and journal for a bit. Read more>>

DMITRY BOCHAROV | Photographer

A creative career was an interesting choice for me. After receiving master’s degree in computer science, I moved to photography. When I started as a photographer I started to develop skills to work with lighting. Spent nights in the studio learning every aspect of lighting and light modifiers. How continues light work together with strobes. Basically, it was technical knowledge first. And then a lot of practice. Read more>>

Tanya Cobey | Chiropractor & Business Owner

Habits, some take time to create and some take time to break. However, I believe it’s the effort of my actions that helped me to succeed. I relied upon my good work ethic, organizational skills, people skills and knowing when to ask for help from other successful people when needed. Read more>>

jessica valencia | Actress, Writer, Creator , Artist, Advocate, Sociologist, Altruistic, Humanitarian

not associating myself with anybody who is into negative things in life such as drugs or gangs….. trying it’s not easy to associate myself in all aspects with people who align with my values and morals. this applies to business, friends, associates, acquaintances, and personal relationships. Read more>>