There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Meghan Pratt | Owner

I love this question! I feel that as an entrepreneur, it takes true dedication and passion to create a sustainable and lucrative career. Many people try, but unfortunately people fail due to not working at it consistently to make it successful. One habit I have developed throughout my business is always making sure I take time to connect and network with others in my industry. This has immensely improved my business practices by helping me gain a consistent client base through referrals from my peers and last client. Always following up with my clients is huge step that sets me apart because you think every business would remember to do this but many skip it! Following up to me is seen as the end of the selling process that truly in my opinion creates a great experience and service for each client I serve. Always always remaining a friendly personable mature calm nature about the way I carry myself while on the job and always going above and beyond with extra care for my clients is the main habit I think I follow that really has led me to success. Read more>>

Saulius Lukosevicius | Cinematographer

Determination and belief in big dreams. Read more>>

Eunice Kang | Children’s Book Author & President

My goal is to create children’s books and so far I’ve published four! This accomplishment was achieved because I had some habits that helped me to succeed: self-discipline, perseverance, faith, joy, and thankfulness. Self-discipline is key throughout the entire process of publishing a book which includes: writing and revising the text; illustrating; printing, publishing, and marketing. One needs self-discipline to complete the project from start to finish. It also takes perseverance as there are many hiccups along the journey. I didn’t give up and at every obstacle and or challenge, I was able to overcome it or rise to the challenge. I also had 100% faith that I would complete my goal of publishing the children’s books. Never once did I doubt I would not succeed in this venture. Throughout the process, I was intentional about keeping a joyful heart and attitude when working with others and I believe that attracts others to join and help me in my pursuit. Read more>>

Sara Motomura-Broida | Co-Owner

My previous experience of working in retail businesses in Japan have always helped me do an impeccable job at customer service – I learned how to do speak with customers, do gift wrapping, and personalize customer follow ups. And this has become my habit… the habit that has differentiated us from our competition. I remember spending time convincing my husband, and co-owner of our business, that, for us, dealing with knives, sharpening stones, etc., are an everyday occurrence (because it’s our job), but for our customers, it’s a very exciting, special and unique event and should be treated as such. I learned this when I was working at a bakery in Japan. I once forgot to put candles on a birthday cake, and my boss had to hand deliver candles on my behalf. We were selling many birthday cakes every day and the candles slipped my mind. We are always trying to remind ourselves that each of our customers have a unique and different story that brings them to us to buy their knives, and every single time, we make sure to treat the customer experience with the great care that they deserve. Read more>>