We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jesymar Claro | Custom gifts designer

If there is something that I owe to have my accomplishments, it is that they helped me improve my ability to persist. To be honest, not all ideas or projects I come up with are successful. Even when I see the slightest chance of failure, I start looking for alternatives and ways to improve. I prefer to be in that mindset because my thoughts are related to progress and improvement. Additionally, when you have a business and have such significant responsibilities, you have to develop the ability to move on and avoid getting stuck in the same phase. Read more>> 

Kiersten Sierra Leone Washington | Actor, Model, Author & Philanthropist

The most important factor behind my success is hard work. Hard work and determination sets me apart from others. With the help of my parents making the right decisions for me is partly why I am where I am today. It was not easy. I overcame challenges by praying and pushing through. I learned never to give up. I want the world to know that with hard work and determination anything is possible. Read more>>

Richard J. Bosner | Film Producer & Director

One of the most undeniable aspects about filmmaking is it requires teamwork. It’s not a singular vocation. The end result is a product of the collective, and no matter how much time passes, or how advanced technology gets, this will always be true. Very early on, I realized how important it was to bring the right people together for each project. Read more>>

Frank Gerrish | Actor/Director/Teacher

If I could single out one thing, it would have to be perseverance. The Ability to see things through even when they’re at their most difficult. Read more>>

Brit Tobin | Creator

Teamwork makes the dream work – I say it everyday. A close second would be a positive attitude and good vibes, which is usually just a component of teamwork. When I launched blkmrktmedia in 2020, there wasn’t a glimmer of a team in sight. Just myself and my partner wading through the darkness of uncertainty.
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Karl Payton | Session Hairstylist

The most Important factor behind my success with myself and brand is authenticity & being genuine. You can be the most talented in the room but if people feel you’re putting on a show just to impress and get ahead 9/10 it will be a one and done booking. Read more>>

Lacey Benard | Bitty Bao Co-Creator

Bitty Bao is a brand that is truly community powered. When Lulu and I first started, we both agreed that it was extremely important to us that we built a strong community around our brand. We believe in collaboration over competition, uplifting others, offering support and guidance when we can to help others succeed, and letting our own passions and point-of-view lead our business decisions to create and project a brand built on genuine heart and soul. Read more>>

Juliette Lin | Actor & Writer

The most important factor behind my success is, undoubtedly, the community that I’ve had behind me. Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I always thought I had to be fully self-reliant in order to be “successful.” If I received any help, that would make me a failure. It was only through my treatment and recovery process that I learned that this was not the case. Read more>>

Anna Pujolras | Screenwriter and Script Supervisor

I believe the most important factor behind my success, or anyone’s for that matter, is the people you surround yourself with and trust. Having people around me who trust my judgement and my work has helped me branch out outside of my circle of friends and acquaintances, making my screenwriter services known to many. You can apply to many jobs or gigs, but people hire you based on judgement and reputation. Word-of-mouth is essential for someone’s success, and surrounding myself with friends and colleagues who value my work and who I can rely on for constructive criticism and support has made me not only a better person but a better professional. Read more>>

Joshua Haag | CEO, Master Performance Coach, Executive Chef

Truthfully this is a loaded question, with multiple pieces! First and foremost, skill And knowledge! Running a functional performance business, and a gormet meal delivery service requires a lot of skill when it comes to the actual tactical side of both jobs! Read more>>

Tanairy Robles | Photographer & Creative Director

One of the most important factors behind the success of my brand would be to stay patient, have faith, and remain confident. I am constantly wondering when will be the day I achieve all of my goals, but it’s the process of the journey that I need to stay grateful for. Read more>>

 benjamin kraim | founder & creative director

building a strong team and creating a company culture that promotes creativity.
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Sally Velazquez | Entertainment Business Manager

I love being a business manager. Being able to see the impact I make every day for things we do for my clients is so gratifying. I am grateful to be working with smart, successful, and creative individuals. I learned early that work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy what you do and who you work with. My best advise for anyone is to strive to love what you do, and not just do anything for a paycheck. Read more>>

Tucker Forbes | Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind my success is my attention to detail. As someone who trains people who suffer from chronic pain and recurring injuries, my ability to watch people’s form and note subtle movement dysfunctions is absolutely critical to my ability to help them. Read more>>

Sura Contin | Actress

An often overlooked virtue in this hustle and bustle society, may seem to many, as a vice. More often than not, it has taken the greatest, and most successful people time to become experts in their respective fields. While much of that is due to execution and discipline the unspoken truth is that patience, which is almost forgotten, propels everyone towards greatness. Read more>>

Rafael Sanchez | Tattooer

I don’t think that I’m better than enyone, I just do my paintings and my tattoos with all my heart, but yeah for sure I have a lot of discipline,, I take my time to prepare a tattoo for my clients, because is an honor for me that someone trust me with their body. Read more>>

MannyZoom | Photographer

I think a few of the most important factors that makes my brand stand out would be consistency, ethics and loving what I do. Sometimes I don’t even think about the money, I didn’t choose this type of business for the money, I simply enjoy photography and working behind the scenes. Read more>>

Heather Kelly | Professional Dancer & CEO of Los Angeles Cowgirl

I believe the most important factor behind my success is I have always been authentically myself. Before I had a “brand,” I was naturally creating one without even knowing it. In real life, I am very girly, pink, bubbly, fun, creative, love dance and fashion- which is exactly what I portray online. As an artist, I am very passionate, love creating, and seeing my visions come to life. Read more>>

Jason Karp | Exercise Physiologist, Run Coach, Author, & Entrepreneur

There are two most important factors behind my success — education and relentless persistence. The fitness and run coaching industries are unique in that they don’t require an education. With no barrier to entry, everyone with an interest in fitness and running is in it. Read more>>

Joe Fod | Custom Software Developer. Specialist in Web and mobile apps, Machine Learning, BlockChain, Metaverse

Entrepreneurs with a software product idea need help with strategy and the software development for their product. The strategy in developing software is at least as important as the service of software development. We help entrepreneurs understand the choices and tradeoffs in their path clearly.
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Leandro Taub | Leandro Taub | Actor, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker & Economist

To care about everyone involved in the creative process, to care about our providers, our clients, our collaborators, our audiences, our business partners, our teams, families, and neighbors. Read more>>

Jonny Tran | Content Creator/Influencer

When it comes to the success behind the content and social media work I do, it’s hard to chalk it up to one factor. So many different variables and habits have contributed to and led me to where I am now. It’s the people I’ve met, the events I’ve been I’ve been a part of, and even the luck I’ve had. However, the one factor I feel has carried me the furthest is consistency. Read more>>

Marshall Hicks Kat Wells | hosts of Boys and Ghouls” horror movie podcast”

KAT: I’d say our curiosity. There are a million film podcasts out there (and I listen to many of them, so I’m not knocking them!) whose hosts analyze and criticize and offer their opinions. We definitely have some of that, but mostly we’re more interested in digging a little deeper and learning the little known facts about the odd character actor or stories from set. It’s less about our opinions and more about our boundless curiosity and sharing with each other what we’ve learned along the way. Read more>>

KVNG DAVID | Musician, Actor, Model

The most important factor behind my success has been authenticity. I’ve found that when I took my focus from the objective at hand and put that focus on inner self work, my endeavors would finally find traction. The more authentic I’ve challenged myself to become, the clearer my thoughts, vision and confidence has become. I believe if you do the inner work, the things you want in the real world will begin to materialize in a natural and divine order. Read more>>

Ginille Brown | Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner

I am Ginille, a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner and have been injecting Botox and fillers since 2013 in Los Angeles. The most important factor behind the success of my practice and brand has been keeping my patients at the forefront of everything I do. I am constantly considering how to best serve and support them in meeting their aesthetic goals. Read more>>

lyndon laveaux | Artist

I think for me it’s me leading a life in general with an open heart. In spite of the noise that can come from the outside and definitely within, but I trust myself, I trust my instincts, my learning curve with becoming an MC was long, I’ve had close family tell me to quit music cause they couldn’t see the vision, thank god I didn’t listen, but boy was it difficult. You gotta trust yourself more than anybody else, and keep in mind, the ego is loud but spirit whispers. Read more>> 

David Dean | Speech-Language Pathologist & Private Practice Owner

The most important factor behind my success/the success of my brand is honestly a combination of several things. First, without God/my faith I wouldn’t be where I am today and where I will continue to go. I grew up being the in the church and learning about God at a very young because of parents and I’m very thankful for that. Read more>>

Max Landwirth | Film Producer & Production Safety Representative

I think that “success” is subjective. For me, I define success as having the opportunity to do what I love to do every day, with people who I love working with, on projects that I feel have the potential to make an impact in the community around me. As cheesy as it may sound, the most important factor I have found in being able to achieve this “success” is daily gratitude. Read more>>

D’Narius Lewis | Serial Entrepreneur & Crypto Investor

I’ve been homeless, broke, and survived the summer of 2013 with only $1.78 in my pocket. Even when I was at my lowest, I kept the bigger picture of life within my imagination at all times. What has kept my high energy sprit alive is me always being grateful of where i am in life. Read more>>

Heathir Brown | Intuitive Healer & Mindfulness Coach

Success is being able to do the work I love and make a difference for my clients. I wouldn’t be where I am now without embarking on my healing journey and continuing to put in the work as I grow. All of the modalities that I share with my clients have impacted my life significantly. Read more>>

Michael Deni | Actor

The most important factor would probably be my work ethic. I’m the kind of person who enjoys practice. Whenever I have free time, I think how can I do something now that is productive towards my career? I feel you really need that kind of work ethic to succeed in this industry. Read more>>

MAYICE Marta Alonso Yebra & Imanol Calderón Elósegui | Arhitects and designers

When we first decided to create our personal brand, our own firm, the main idea was that research and creativity should always be a part of our projects. It all came about in a very natural way. We are architects, and frankly, after working for other national and international firms and seeing the lack of creativity in the processes, we felt the need to create our own firm and brand—a place to experiment. Read more>>

Dwight Thurman | Fitness Coach

The most important factor behind our success is our focus on the unique needs of our clients. At Fitness Identity Training we employ a tailored approach to helping each one of our clients reach their specific goals. Ultimately our brand grows with each success story and community our clients have built around us. Read more>>

Andreea Serban | business/life coach & mentor

Let me tell you a secret, your business is your extension, your energy footprint is there. The most important aspect of the business is the relationship, the relationship with me and also with others. My contribution, whether I do business consulting or life coaching, or mentoring, is to bring that strength that raises the awareness of my clients in their relationship with them, their clients and consequently their business outcome but even more, the impact they have in raising the vibration in the world. My mission is to help my clients make a difference and manifest their uniqueness through what they are and do. Read more>> 

Quanda R. Graves | Author & Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success, the success of my brand? Is my belief and support system. My belief in God is strong. He’s my start of the day which sets the tone for everything else like, my mind-set, attitude, my vision, my drive, determination and more. Read more>>

Caitlyn McGlothen | Culinary Artist

The most important factor behind my success is my faith in God and my family! My family was always very supportive of my vision and gave me that extra push I needed to stand strongly on my wants and be confident. I will never take my village for granted. Read more>>

Andrew Tsao | Acting Teacher

We are located in Seattle, which certainly does not have the density of aspiring actors that New York or LA have. However, there is an ardent and worthy legacy of performing arts in the region. Seattle has always been a theatre town. Read more>>