We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Arlene Yuan | Founder

TEAM! Every good brand requires a good team. Teapop hires Valley locals in order to align with our commitment to building and supporting our North Hollywood community. Each employee typically has a side hustle or creative goals aside from working at Teapop, and I support that 100% because I value having multi-faceted, interesting, and empowered individuals on my team. My manager Meredith has been with Teapop since Day 1 and understands the culture and community inside and out. Staff stay on average 2-3 years, and will return to work on short-term contracts, so the turnover rate is relatively low compared to other food/drink establishments. It’s all about being relational in this line of work, and you need to have trust and consistency in relationships. We have fun, laugh, and make drinks. Read more>>

Nikki Parish | Owner, Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

As an entrepreneur, makeup artist and licensed esthetician the most important factor behind my success is my authenticity and the relationships I have built with my clients and colleagues. In the business advice category, you may find that success is from a specific design look, or perfect marketing skills and a perfected technique… But at the end of the day it’s people skills. I develop authentic and positive relationships with my clients and peers. I always come from a place of integrity and value every one of my clients and interactions. This is what drives my success and my brand. Read more>>

Stephanie Swenseid | Photographer, Story Teller & Documentarian

There are two really important things for me as a photographer that have brought success in what I do. It’s always been extremely important to me that anyone who sits in front of my lens feels comfortable and at ease and that the process of being photographed feels natural and fun. Growing up, my mom was a professional photographer and often times, I was her model when she would be trying out new equipment or experimenting with poses, etc. She always knew instinctively how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera, making it feel fun and like I could be myself, not a posed version of who I was. Ultimately, by doing that, the images she captured were incredible because she knew just how to capture the very essence of who I was. Read more>>

Carolina Brown | Retail Business Owner

Rok ‘n’ Ell Baby Boutique is a family owned business that provides a lot of personal service and quality products. Read more>>

Rikee Banks | Portrait, Event and Lifestyle Photography Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my business and brand, Rikee Banks Photography, is love. I know that may sound simple or corny or generic for naming a success factor, but it is 100% absolute. When I started this adventure I was at a point in life where I had to muster the courage to dare to love myself again; and learn how to see the beauty in life all over because I had been through a traumatic set of events in my relationship that diminished my internal glow to a point that I found myself just barely existing. If not for the LOVE of my daughter, I may have ceased to exist. It was the love of being a mother that made me claw and fight my way out of the depression that I found myself in. Read more>>

Diana Castle | Acting Teacher/Coach

Although we have never advertised, we have been successful for 30 years. I think that is because of our innovative approach and our heart to heart, life to life care of each individual. For all of us at The Imagined Life, the word IMAGINE starts with Imagination and ends with Empathy. M stands for Mindfulness, A for Accessible, G for Gratitude, I for Interdependence and N is for Never giving up! Read more>>