We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

David Lee | Singer-Songwriter

Two things that make me happy are creating music and making others happy. When creating music, I can express myself and connect to the people listening. I love when artists speak to their fans and connect on a personal level. Being able to reach out to my audience through my personal experiences is really cool. I feel a responsibility to cheer others up. There is already so many negative things in the world, so much pain and anxiety with our generation. I feel like the least I can do is check up on people and give an escape route from this earth. My goal in life is to be an inspiration and role model to the next generation. I want the world to finally have a moment of peace and unity. Read more>>

Mike Woo | Creator of FRIENDS SF

Good music blasting through the speakers. Being surrounded by loved ones and vibrant energy. And perhaps a few shots of tequila with some delicious food. What was just described is an ideal scenario for us at FRIENDS SF. We realize that with so much going on in the world and in our lives – it’s always nice to sit back and enjoy some of the little things. We realized we don’t need to do too much to be happy. Some of our best memories stem from simplicity like what was just described above. Read more>>

Stephen Smith | Musician & Writer

Some of the happiest times I’ve had have been enjoying live music with friends in a hyped-up crowd. Experiencing a musical act that I’m passionate about and being with a group of strangers who feel the same way creates a unique euphoria for me that’s hard to find elsewhere. I think part of the feeling is this massive culmination of unconditional love towards the sound and the inherent sense of belonging that comes from that, even if you don’t speak a word to anyone around you. Read more>>

Hanna Ketai | Artist and Maker

What makes me happy is to be in nature and creating art of any kind. Whether it’s my backyard in Highland Park under the giant pine tree and Bougainvillea flowers with hawks and turkey vultures soaring overhead, or out in the vast desert of Joshua Tree with all the space and quiet you could ever long for, I’m happy to be outside and be connected. Read more>>

Anh Nguyen | Founder of Cancer Relief Foundation

Every time I saw the smiles of the cancer warriors as they received my care packages, my heart filled with indescribable joy. It is a lovely and magical feeling that giving back has brought into my life, and that is when I realized that I have found something that I can find pure joy in doing. I sometimes wonder: What is it about giving back that makes me so happy? Scientists would say it is the endorphins. Psychologists would say it is the association between giving back and mental health. Yet, many after many thoughts, I found the answer of myself: No reason. Read more>>