Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Jeff Boynton | Musician, composer, artist, inventor

My answer to this is being an artist and a “quasi” engineer. Decades ago, I was in crisis mode. I was very deeply depressed. I had no spiritual component to my life, and I discovered that without it I was clueless as to why I was in such misery, and that without it I had no path out of my despair. Once I discovered this path, which had nothing to do with religious dogma or anything organized but was rather a personal matter, an unexpected consequence was an opening of creative floodgates that continues to this day. I have notebooks full of ideas; more than I have years left in which to realize all of them. Read more>>

Kendra Griffin | Author & Editor

I’m happy when I’m free of fear. Fear mucks everything up, keeps us from living in the present, and drains joy and creativity. I suspect — and this is a theory I’m spending a lot of energy on lately — that we can draw just as much artistic inspiration from joy as we do sorrow, but we humans simply haven’t honed the skill. Read more>>

Robert Lopez | Entertainer

expressing myself. be it happy or often sad. angry or hopeful. I am lucky that I get to express these things through my art. Read more>>