“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Ren Scott | Actor, Photographer, & Filmmaker

The one value that matters most in my life is definitely the faith God has given me. I believe that without it, I wouldn’t be nearly as successful in my life. Oddly enough I would definitely have a larger business, and definitely more money. But that’s not what I believe true success is. My faith has ground and rooted me in what pleases God and I’ve battled with upholding that value of faith as apposed to letting it all go for the sake of fame or fortune. At the end of the day, money doesn’t buy happiness, contentment and a balanced life does. And those things only truly come from the Lord. Read more>>

Ari DeSano | Artist and Marketing Manager

What matters to me most is that people treat each other with respect and humanity. Over many years working at various jobs from retail to website development, the presence or absence of respect is what has made my working experiences either positive or very difficult. When I look back at the jobs that have made me happy, it was those in which there was mutual respect and a sense of humanity throughout the company or organization, and it didn’t matter the salary or the perceived status of the position. Read more>>

Daniel Hochman, M.D. | Psychiatrist and Creator of selfrecovery.org

My guiding principle is to use my words and interactions to help people enjoy their life a little bit more. That’s not the same as making life easier. It’s more about creating curiosity along with the guidance for people to find the psychological resilience needed to connect with what they want in life. Read more>>

Dorian Wood | Artist

Kind, mindful people are the only people I’m interested in working with. You can be the most gifted, successful artist on the planet, but if you’re an asshole, I pity you, and I also don’t want you around me. Read more>>

Bobby Booshay | DJ, Producer,

To me one of the biggest values that matters the most to me is being genuine. This goes for being genuine not only as a person but also genuine in the work you do. I feel people can tell when you’re not being genuine which to me it’s easy to see that just in the way they carry themselves. It tells you their true intentions without them having to verbalize it. Every interaction I have with someone I give them my true self as you always should. Each time I DJ I do the same thing. I love what I do and give my all for each performance. I want people that are there to feel the energy. To me that then creates an even better experience for them. They can feel and see that it’s authentic with real love and heart put into it. It all translates Read more>>