“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Taryn Sage Larock | Founder & Designer

From day 1, we set out to have integrity in what we do at Sage Larock be of high importance. This matters so much to me, not only because integrity is really important to me personally, but specifically because we wanted to set the bar in how we do things from an ethical & sustainable perspective very high. As we continue to grow as a business, we continually find ways to not only meet the high standard we have set, but also to be more sustainable and keep finding new ways of operating & producing in an ethical manner. There is so much greenwashing with brands going on right now in the fashion industry and sadly so much lying going on, even with large brands, so I think the best way to show what Sage Larock is about is to have integrity in everything we do and let our products speak for themselves. Read more>>

Cameron Johnston | Driven Professional & Libertarian

Integrity is the most important value that I believe in. If you can’t trust what someone says or does then it is impossible to build a relationship with that person. Even if the truth is not what the other person wants to hear, it is vital that you give it to them. Otherwise it will eventually come out, and a lot of times that makes a situation or relationship that much worse. It’s better to be up front and honest about where you are coming from and what is to be expected. That way others can make the best decisions for themselves based on what you tell them. Read more>>

Lara Azoy | President, L.A. Financial Management & Learning Pod Mom

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein Just keep going…I probably would not have chosen this principle in February (pre-pandemic) but today, it is one of the most important values in my personal and professional life. Life has thrown so much at all of us this year. And there have been so many moments over the past few months where I have just wanted to stop, to give up, to run away. Between losing a few clients due to the pandemic, my local co-working space ceasing its own business entirely, and having my two young children home and out of school, I’ve thought so many times, should I still be doing this? Does this make sense for my life right now? Is my business still adding value to my team’s careers, my clients’ businesses, and my life? Time and time again, sometimes in tears and other times without, I’ve decided each time that to “just keep going” is the best choice. Read more>>

Iliyana Apostolova | Actor

The principle that matters most to me is staying true to who you are and being honest with others, but most importantly yourself. I’ve learned and seen that when you live for other people’s approval and praise, you begin to lose yourself and focus on becoming what you think others want you to be. Then you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t really know the real you. Nothing takes more energy out of you, like living for approval and constantly suppressing who you really are because you’re afraid of what others will think. I strive to be myself in every situation, I’m not afraid to talk about what bothers me, what hurts me, my dreams and my fears. It makes me feel free and I know that the people I’m surrounded with love me for me. Read more>>