In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Raphael Stringer | Model

A lot of time in life we have everything to gain and way less to lose. Once I realized my potential reward was usually more than my potential losing I started to take more chances . I had a 9-5 and modeling was my 5-9 . I lost my 9-5 and took a risk on making modeling my 9-5 and so far the universe has continued to make a way for me Read more>>

Bre Upton | Artist & Zine Maker

“Take the risk, or lose the chance” is a saying I love and say to myself often. Risk is all about the long-term feelings you’ll sit with, to me. If there is something I really want and I don’t take the risk to go for it, I’ll always think about it with regret. Read more>>

Zorine Truly | Actress, Creator, and Small Business owner

Risk taking has been the foundation to everything I do! I moved to California from Memphis six years ago with 40 dollars and a dream. I came here thinking I would be following one particular dream and it turned into me jumping into many different avenues, and I am so thankful for the journey. For instance I never thought I would be a business owner, but here I am two years later a multi-hyphenate and living out my dreams, So I would say every risk that I’ve taken has paid off. Read more>>

Jordan Orlando | scriptwriter, writer, script doctor, film director

I think risk is the true engine and north of any career. And I consider that getting older is losing the ability to take risk. If you think about it, every new search, every transformation leads us into an unknown space, and in the unknown there is also the possibility of failure, of death. Read more>>

Nicholas Ong | Artist

I think risk taking is a constant standard in life, a lot of the decisions that I had to make with regards to my career has started from a very early age. the choices we make have ripple effects that can change the course of our lives, this would be daunting for anyone, but the way I look at it, the curiosity to fulfil the inclinations that I have tend to outweigh the fear and anxieties that may cripple me. Read more>>

Kayla Moody | Jewelry Designer

Whether it be trying a new supplier, investing in bigger shows and a better setup, traveling to new territory, or taking a class- running a business takes a lot of blind faith in yourself and also believing in where you’ll end up. Read more>>

Ashante Lanay | Filmmaker and Photographer

Risks are everything, I took a risk by moving to LA in a van, by myself with less than $600. It wasn’t the easiest but it was fun and everything worked out, I think you just have to trust yourself completely. Read more>>

Héctor Omar Maldonado | Fashion Designer & Professor

Being born and raised in a conservative island (Puerto Rico), I always knew I didn’t fit in. My fashion since day one has been about, genderless, fearless and self expression. Fashion locally is aimed for events such as proms, weddings and such. My proposals are more about the fabulousness of dressing up while running errands. Read more>>

Mike James | Writer & Director

Every decision you make small or large is a risk. I’ve always felt the biggest risk was not living my life in a way that was fulfilling. Creative endeavors come with risk like financial loss, reputation loss or time loss but if you allow those risk factors to keep you from doing it then it never happens. If it never happens then you have to live with the question of “what if?” and that scares me. Living with regrets is a greater risk than living with failures. Read more>>

Emily Burpo | Artist & Small Business Owner

I definitely think that taking risks is an important part of growing as a person. Taking risks can be nerve racking, but that feeling is temporary. In my own experience, I took a huge risk to quit a job that was mentally and physically draining and toxic so I could focus on my personal art and business. Read more>>

angelica curtis | Fashion Designer

Taking a risks has been the biggest pusher for my career. Over the years I have designed for large companies and lived comfortably with a consistent paycheck but I wasn’t fulfilled. Any time I saw an opportunity to follow my passion and leave that 9-5 structure I took the risk to bet on myself. There have been times when I failed but I knew it was the risk I was willing to take. I am grateful for the bravery to have the belief in myself and that is what keeps me going. Read more>>

Rachel Davis | Mixed Media Artist

Apart from relocating from New York to California when I turned thirty, leaving behind family, and all professional connections for a coast whose beauty I could not stop dreaming of, finally embracing a love of art and calling myself an artist at age sixty has been the other huge leap into the unknown. Read more>>

Tatyana Drewry Carvin | Director, Storyboard Artist & Animator

One of the biggest risks I’ve taken was to move from France to the United States back in 2010 to try and be part of the animation industry in L.A. My husband and I quit our jobs and moved with just a backpack, a luggage and a laptop with no concrete trail of any potential jobs in L.A. Read more>>

Brenda De Leon | Business Owner – PicaSweets by Leoncita

I have taken many risks in my career, a couple turned out to be wins and most turned out to be learning experiences. The biggest risk I took less than a year ago was to leave my very secure and stable teaching job to start my own home-operated candy shop on Shopify. Read more>>

Katrin Ignatova | Storyboard Artist & Revisionist

Taking risks has always played a huge role in my life. I grew up in Bulgaria and I moved to the US as a freshman in college to study Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art & Design. I was well aware that my decision came with a lot of risks. I had never lived so far from my family and friends, but I knew that was what I needed to do in order to achieve my long-term goals. Read more>>

Gordon Studer | Artist

My artwork is created by taking risks. A painting can reach a point where it’s not quite working and some bold moves need to be made to disrupt it. Sometime the part you love the most must be painted over or perhaps a unique spontaneous mark needs to be made. Read more>>

Daniel Odesanya Cherie Chua | Co-Founders of Luxe Bites

Both of us took a leap of faith when we decided to drop everything behind to live the LA dream. We did the same when we decided to start this business. We continue to take risks in our day to day personal and business decisions. We believe that the worthiest and most sought after outcomes always coincidentally involve a big risk to achieve. We live for the thrill and always remain open to the learning lessons if things don’t go as planned! Read more>>

Alejandro Sandoval | LMFT, Psychotherapist

Taking risks has played a vital role in my life and in my career. I think growing up in an immigrant household and being first generation Mexican-American has influenced how I view taking risks. My parents taught me through their life experience what it meant to take risks. They both took risks and left their home country with the hope they would make better lives for themselves, and they did. Along with taking risks, also mean dealing with a lot of fear. Read more>>


“I’ve gotten to a point in life where if I do not take the risk – I am actually losing! Which is funny because, it used to be the other way around and that you lose something by taking the risk. But I say the opposite because in this industry you can’t get far without being courageous, without being bold or confident. Read more>>

Alex Figueroa | Sports Management professional, Specialized in Olympic Cycle events, passionate about Soccer and Table Tennis

Many life decisions involve risk, especially at work. However, if you decide by weighing the pros and cons and…have a clear idea of where you want things to go, you’ll be able to run risks confidently, and …in case you fail, you’ll have less regret as you considered these factors. Read more>>

Anastasia Shelest | Product Designer & Curious Bee

I think taking risks is a price that you need to pay if you want to live an open-minded and happy life. To be curious about what really makes you happy and how you want to live your life regardless of social pressure and standards — this way is full of ambiguity and risks, but if you focus on the process of learning, those risks become experience. Read more>>

Ali Dubin | Dr. Ali Dubin, PsyD, AMFT, CPC Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach

Risk. It just sounds dangerous. It feels unsafe and perilous in my cells. My stomach does flip-flops and my particles cannot rest. My limbic system is on high alert. Danger. Danger. Danger. I was once a risk taker. As a child, I was brave and did all sorts of things I would never have allowed my kids to do. Read more>>

Greg Cohen | Photographer, Camp Owner

If I didn’t take risks I’d never start anything, so going out on a limb is critical for me to make any progress. The problem is that extending myself isn’t natural for me. It’s not failure that scares me, failure I don’t believe too much in. It’s more the risk of being seen, the risk of being vulnerable. Read more>>

Liam S. Terlecki | Freelance Filmmaker. Aspiring Producer & Physical Production Executive.

I think risk taking is something we should see as a way to move forward. Taking risks with something unfamiliar can leads to serious benefits and offer new experiences. Taking risks means you believe in yourself and your abilities. It means challenging oneself so you can become better. Taking risks has given me a plethora of experiences in media, entertainment, and has fostered who I am as a person. Read more>>

Cassandra Venaglia | Contemporary Vocalist and Composer

I’ve never made conventional choices in my career; I’ve always been a proponent of jumping without a net. There is a relentless drive inside of me that activates these bold choices. In fact, I actively thrive off going into the unknown, discovering something new, especially in my practice as an artist. I’ve been described as brave and courageous by colleagues and friends for the risky Read more>>

EJ Sharpe | R&B/Neo-Soul Singer-Songwriter

I am currently about to take the biggest risk of my life and move to Los Angeles in three weeks. I’ve kinda always been a risk taker, whether it be moving from country to country when I was younger, or my parents encouraging me to pursue my dreams. I don’t think you get anywhere without sacrifice, and with sacrifice of course, comes risk. Read more>>

Angela Dubia | CEO + Founder

Potential Risks and Challenges For Green, Clean, Beauty Indie Retailers the startup can be risky for even those who are business savvy and serial entrepreneurs. Some of the hosts of challenges start with financing, do you choose to self-fund or gain outside help. Read more>>

Jonathan Taub | Artist

Hmmm… I think it has been a relationship I have continuously engaged with and I keep learning how to deal with it. Taking risks means putting myself out there. Becoming vulnerable, and open to the views and judgments of others, starting with my own self. Staying in a safe area is comfortable. Read more>>