We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Teeshay | Actor, Host, Model, Producer & Writer

That Acting is THE most difficult job in the world. First, it’s about making it(which may take a long long time). Then it becomes about sustaining it. All under severe scrutiny and trials, not only from people in general but also from friends and family. But, if one can handle these, it also is the most enjoyable job in the world. Read more>>

Hiro Koda | Stunt Coordinator

I think that people are surprised to learn how physically taxing the stunt industry can be. As stunt performers, we have to be in top physical shape and be able to perform a stunt over and over again for as many times as it takes to get the shot. When we jump out of a car and hit the pavement, we are actually jumping out of a car and hitting the pavement. You have to be tough and resilient to make it in the stunt industry. Read more>>

Melissa Cherniss | Lingerie Blogger & Designer

WHAT A QUESTION! Although I am technically a blogger. With lingerie being my main topic, I’d consider myself apart of that industry as well. Most people are unaware that 80% of bra wearing human are currently wearing the wrong size. Yep, you read that right. Seems a little high, doesn’t it? Especially when these ill-fitting garments can literally cause unnecessary migraines, shoulder and neck pain. I guess the subject is still considered a little taboo and there is a lack of education. It’s why I ALWAYS recommend going into your local lingerie boutique for a proper fitting. Yes, these places do exist and all over the country too. My favorite one here in Los Angeles is Jenette Bras (they have four different locations). When going for a fitting, it’s important to keep an open mind and not become too attached to the new size. Read more>>

Corina Seas | Music Artist & Voice Actress

I think many people are unaware of how cutt-throat the industry can be if you don’t have the proper team behind you. I think people think they just need to release content but don’t focus on the quality of the content, the quality of the message, or the marketing behind pushing the message. It’s been something that’s been very hard for me to learn, and understanding how to market myself and believe in myself when my back was against the wall is something I think people should prepare more for. I don’t think people understand just how long you have to be your only advocate sometimes and how painful that process can be. So I think really building your self-esteem and your skill sets is the most important thing to be doing, way more important than trying to write the coolest song in the moment. It’s a longevity game so you need to make sure your foundation is strong because the business side of things can really get you if you let it. Read more>>