We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Rosa Bella Jr. Izzy and Alejandro | Musicians

Everyone always talks about how “competitive” the music industry is and although that is true, what they seem to constantly overlook is how vast and endless it also is. With new stars and acts glowing daily, we can compare it to the ever growing universe. We understand that there must be a specific combination of elements that have to come together and combust in order for life to flourish. It’s the same in music, you can be a master at your craft but if you don’t have the proper elements/people around you, it becomes nearly impossible to sustain a real musical life. Read more>>

Elody Gyekis | Artist, Art teacher, & Community Arts Organizer/Muralist

Something most people, even artists, do not know about the art world is that less than 1% of working artists make all of their income from gallery sales. Those are the elite, extremely successful big names in the contemporary art world. Everyone else juggles multiple sources of income. Not knowing that this is, in fact, the norm for working artists, many carry shame about that, like we have not “fully made it”. I am an artist, primarily a painter. Read more>>

Wake Jones | Founder of Soul Ova Gold Clothing Company/WAKE NEWS Podcast/Rule Of 8 Graphic Novel Project Creator

That you have to be aware of trends and hype but still find your own voice and audience. Because our industry overall has become more entry level and user friendly, brands tend to launch without defining their own style and have trouble maintaining an audience after the hype has died down. If you focus on giving your brand it’s own personality that stands apart from what is in the market place, you’ll stand a better chance of longevity. Read more>>