We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Holly Gray | Wedding/Event Planner & Designer

If you were to ask me, ‘what’s one thing about your industry that outsiders are probably unaware of’ my answer would be how close-knit the special events and wedding industry really is. It always seems to surprise people that within the Los Angeles market, most seasoned industry professionals know, respect, and get along with each other! More and more, especially in our curernt harsh reality of a world-wide pandemic and the overall suffering of the special events industry, the concept of ‘Community over Competition’ has risen to the surface and has become the beacon of light for which wefollow. Like a phoneix rising from the ashes, we are an industry that has come together in ways we never have before to support, console, and cheer on each other on through this incredibly challenging time. Read more>>

Christy Wilhelmi | Small-Space Organic Vegetable Gardening Expert

People often equate organic vegetable gardening care and coaching with landscape maintenance. They couldn’t be more different. The service Gardenerd provides is more like child care or therapy, depending on what the client needs. Growing ones own food is coaxing the miracle of life from a seed, and learning to tend and understand plants. It is deepening one’s connection to nature every day. Read more>>

Charles Mattocks | Exec Producer & Director

That the business of healthcare is anything more than just that a business. I deal with major companies all the time, big pharma and many companies that get into a space because there is big money to be made on sick people. While we understand money has to be made, they always seem to want to reach the people or target an audience with a give back. This seems to puzzle them as I have be flown to many of meetings to try and reach a certain demographic and blown away they seem to have no idea how to do this, and spend more money on flying out ten advocates or movers in the space to pick their brains and then have nothing to share after a year of meeting together either face to face or zoom calls. Read more>>

Adina Gres | Financial Manager, Business and Life Coach

Not managing your financial life isn’t an option when your running a business. many business owners come to me and tell me they don’t have their numbers in order. When it comes time to understanding their business they have questions that can not be answered because they have not put together their bookkeeping, they don’t know that they have to do it, and the importance of doing it or having someone do it for them. Read more>>

Samantha Gerson | LCSW, Founder & CEO

The troubled teen industry is a six billion dollar industry and an epidemic to say the least. These institutions are branded as helpful and therapeutic, and exist all over the United States. Parents send their children to these institutions, and believe they are receiving quality care, when actually, they are often being abused and mistreated. Conversion therapy exists in these institutions, as well as physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual abuse. This epidemic has gone on far too long, and the media is only starting to recognize the rampant trauma it has caused. Read more>>