We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Yucong Chen | Documentarian & Screenwriter

I’m a documentarian, and sometimes people are not aware of how hard it is for filmmakers to bring true stories to screen. First of all, it is always emotionally difficult for filmmakers to stay 100% objective while making a documentary because we come too close to the story. In the case of ‘Unfinished Lives'(my latest short doc), it was even harder because the story felt so relatable. We shared the same experience with the victim, who was also an international student like us. Instead of remaining objective, we were, in fact, trying our best to stay rational. When we were visiting the DA’s office, It was heartbreaking to watch the surveillance video clips of the crime over and over again during the editing session. It’s a painful but meaningful journey to convey the same feeling to our audience. Read more>>

Lauren Crouch | Manager & Event Coordinator

The biggest thing that outsiders are unaware of in this industry is all the hard work that goes into flowers. A majority of people see the floral industry as fun, easy going, and stress free. I cant tell you how many times I have people say to me, “Oh you get to play with flowers all day, how fun!” Absolutely it is fun! The biggest misconception is that it’s ALL fun. We work hard, we work weekends, and we work holidays. Heavy buckets, dirt in your fingernails, backaches from the concrete floor, sore legs and arms from lifting, thorns in your hands from roses, its definitely not all pretty but the outcome sure is. The flower shop is a beautiful place to work, we work hard and we play hard. We get to be the light on someone’s darkest days and we get to make. Read more>>

Maria Raczynska | Watercolor Artist & Teacher

Probably the time I spent on creating a new content. It takes hours to finish a project, days to get it ready for publishing. Example, 20-30min to get my table ready for a new painting. Clean brushes, new paper, clean palette, watercolors, paper towel etc. Then sketching 20-4omin. Painting average anywhere between 20-2hrs.. Next is downloading files, preparing files, exporting, editing in photoshop – about 4-5 hours; adding Voiceover – depending on a length of a video 20min -2hrs, editing images, preparing a sketch – 2hrs. Revising the video – depending on a length of the video, another 1 hr.. Downloading, uploading 1-3hrs, preparing a post/writing a story – another hour or so.. Read more>>