In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Audrey Safman | Writer

My core is formed on resiliency, it’s what gets me out of bed each day; it has pulled me through what has, at times, seemed like a never ending cycle of trauma; it’s my fuel for every factor of my life. I truly would be nothing if I did not have my resilience. When I tell people about my life, my experiences, my pains, the same face is always made; one of utter shock and sorrow with a side of heightened discomfort. When I think about my life, I laugh, I shrug, I write it off, I find comfort in what I’ve lived. That’s the power of resilience. I’ve seen and been through a lot of dark times and most wouldn’t guess it upon first glance. It’s an odd thing to find a passion that causes you to be grateful for the pain life has inflicted on you- but maybe that’s what separates writers from the heard. Just as any human should have resilience, the innate ability to bounce back from what life throws at us, a writer especially must have this resiliency. I think my resiliency, or stubbornness, has been a double-edged sword. Read more>>

Randi Matushevitz | Explorer of the Human Condition, Visual Artist

Treat others as you wish to be treated. I believe that respect is a human right. It something that is important for the beginning, middle, and longevity of all relationships. It is something that can be lost or in the best of circumstances will grow. The phrase “respect is earned” has the ring of truth, however there must be a common ground that is the foundation. This concept has helped me over the years, build and maintain relationships personal and work related. It is how I approach all aspects of my life. Read more>>

Ari Nichole | Visual Artist

The principle I value most when it comes to creating is keeping integrity and sincerity in the forefront of my work. In the past few years with the growth of social media apps like Instagram, I think a lot of artists including myself have felt a different type of pressure to make trendier things that people will “like” – Especially when you’re starting out and hungry for opportunity. Honestly, it’s drained me in a completely different way than people just not liking or understanding a piece that came from a genuine place. Creating from a place of raw sincerity is the only way to truly share a piece of yourself through your art and it’s something I try to be conscious about whenever I’m painting. Read more>>

Camilla Gibson | Camilla’s Sourdough Bakery Cafe

The value that matters to me most is Integrity. From my perspective, Integrity is the visceral understanding that every thing has a deep effect on every thing else, and then acting from that place of understanding. Integrity is ultimate honesty to the core of being. For example, the way I take care of myself and those around me has a direct effect on how my bread tastes to my newest customer. The way that I feel when I am preparing food infuses a certain vibration into that food and therefore into anyone who eats it. On a more obvious level, the sourcing and quality of the ingredients I use have a direct effect on how tasty the food is, and how nourishing it is for the body and the planet. Camilla’s Sourdough offers an alternative to the highly-processed, mass-produced, often exploitive and disposable nature of our commodified, consumerist culture. Read more>>

Amber Susa | Owner & Founder, Allomi Holistic Fitness and Wellness

The principle that matters most to me is the belief that I am a powerful creator; that I am co-creating my soul-lead life with the Universe. For the last 6 plus years, my spiritual journey has allowed me to make choices in my personal and professional life from the call of my soul, my own intuition and divine guidance. I do believe we are each here to serve a unique purpose, and if we allow ourselves to be lead by our soul knowing, we will fulfill that purpose. Most of us have lived our lives based on external guidance … society, parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, culture, etc … and many of us have achieved “success” only to feel empty and unfulfilled. I believe true fulfillment comes from following the guidance of our own unique soul knowing and hearts desires, and trusting in this process. Read more>>

John McGrail | Clinical Hypnotherapist & Personal Empowerment Specialist

I would say that the single most important principle guiding my life and my work is, balance. Living in physical, emotional and spiritual balance is the secret to living a life of peace, joy, love and abundance; a life virtually free of suffering. It is a state of being I call “practical enlightenment.” The Buddha defined enlightenment as, “the end of suffering.” It is a definition that is simple, elegant and easily understandable. I have discovered both in my own life, and also working with thousands of clients and students through the years that most suffering is the product of energetic imbalance in one or more areas of life. Thus when we re-establish that balance, we end most of our suffering. It isn’t perfect, but it can be where we spend most of our time, thus it’s practical, doable. My whole practice and philosophy, as well as my “Synthesis” process is all about establishing and maintaining that precious balance, living in practical enlightenment, and I take great pleasure in guiding my clients and students to. Read more>>