We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Rafael Larin | Professional Photographer

The photography industry has dramatically evolved as the smartphone pretty much put a camera in everyone’s pocket, albeit not a very good one. But what was true back in the film days of photography – that it required technical training, a lot of practice, and significant financial investment – is even more true today. It is very easy for a person to pull out their smartphone and take a photo, but it is a vastly different skill to make a picture. Some people think it is just the push of a button and the camera’s auto-mode takes care of the rest. Most professional photographers are rarely in auto-mode, for creative reasons as well as for technical ones. I like to say that the difference between a professional picture and an amateur’s photo consists of four elements. All these elements done well get you an A-grade picture. For each of these elements that are missing, you are likely dropping a letter-grade in quality. The first element is that it takes a professional photographer with a strong technical understanding and experience with the next three elements. Read more>>

Celina Wong | Floral Designer

Everyone always assumes a florist lives a beautiful life and that we spend our days swimming in flowers. And although we work with an aesthetic medium, people are not aware of the amount of janitorial duties that come with the job. I’m talking flower processing, bucket scrubbing and trash sorting. People are often also surprised by the time and labor it takes to create a single arrangement. This is why I love Instagram stories. I love being able to share behind the scenes footage with my audience. Read more>>

Rachel Burkons | Cannabis Educator and Content Creator

Although there are probably many misconceptions about the cannabis industry, one of the biggest is that it’s an industry where you can make a lot of money, fast. While there are certainly cannabis brands and businesses that have gone on to become extremely successful, working in the cannabis industry is very difficult. Not only are the costs of operating a compliant business extremely high, but there are operational challenges across the board, ranging from banking and insurance to taxes and competition with the traditional market. That said, it’s an extremely exciting industry to be a part of, with many new opportunities ahead for the persistent people who are in it for the right reasons. Read more>>

Marcos Vaz | Art Director

Motion design /animation is a weird industry. A lot of people don’t know exactly what you do or have misconceptions about it. There is a discussion about art vs design that are two complete different things and most people outside the business think that you are an artist. And with that the image of a free – work-very-little – no-need-experiences -or-degree type of job. But in fact is probably one of the most demanding and difficult job to do with a really high rate of people suffering with burnout syndrome. Read more>>

Julien Elizabeth | Astrologer, Yoga Teacher and Coach

Beyond skill, finding growth in the wellness and yoga space requires continuous personal work to maintain and expand self-worth. Having a service-based business that is based on self-offerings requires knowing the self, respecting the self, and staying true to self through it all. This is tough and brave work! In this space we’re balancing a lot – not only our craft, but also marketing, operations, scheduling, customer service and more. In the beginning, pay does not always follow effort, which requires a lot of willpower to stay positive and perseverant. Read more>>

Daniel Tayenaka | Commercial & Underwater Photographer

looking into photography it can look very fun and easy, what a lot of people don’t see is the behind the scenes of what really goes on. We don’t just shoot photos and we’re done. We have done research on what gear we need for situations, what the lighting is doing, emails to clients, permits, crew/clients etc. Then we shoot then back to the computer for retouching. Most of our job is in a dark room on our computer. So the job does come with a lot of freedoms there’s a lot we do in the shadows. Read more>>

Natasha Hudson | Professional Photographer

I think that people who never came close enough to a photography business don’t understand that the work that a photographer does, doesn’t just include clicking a button on their camera, but it’s also editing process afterwards, it’s constant marketing their business to stay on top, it’s all the expenses that come with memberships for photography editing programs, digital storage fees, insurance, updating website, buying and updating prop inventory etc. Some people just don’t take all that into consideration thinking photographers charge too much for a simple session. But there is so much more that stands behind being a professional photographer. Read more>>

Jackie Dolan | Cookie Artist

Cookie are is complex. It’s not like baking a batch of chocolate chips cookies. Sugar art is temperamental. From the bake of the cookie to icing colors and consistency. It requires time for planning, designing, and execution. I usually require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. Read more>>

Nicole “Free The Unicorn” Lovince | Multi-Hyphenate Talent | Actress Singer Songwriter Podcaster Producer

Outsiders are probably unaware of the fact that being a full-time working talent means you are the owner and CEO of your own corporation. As an artist I am both the product and the brand. I am constantly on a never ending cycle of job interviews, partnerships, and projects. Though the entertainment industry can seem glamorous and effortless from afar there are many long days and tireless nights that I sacrifice to make a living. Read more>>