In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Brad Jenkins and Mark Daugherty | Actors and Acting Coaches

Brad: I’d say kindness is the principle that matters most to me as a business owner. I put that in the same bag as respect, and we work hard to operate our business on that principle as well. The entertainment industry can be fairly unforgiving, in a lot of ways, with actors facing constant rejection or disappointment, anxiety and stress, or others’ egos. Mark: I agree, and I’ve found that what works best for us is to meet people where they are and to try our best to lift them up, whether it’s just checking in with them, offering words of encouragement, or simply offering a smile or laugh. Read more>>

A1 NWG | Songwriter/Recording Artist/MC

Honesty, the truth shall set us free. As long as you’re honest with life, others and yourself about what you want and who you want to be things will fall into place if you work towards them. Read more>>

Julie Osborn, LCSW, Psy.D | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The most important value in my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker are my ethics. My ethics working with clients is something that is always in the for front of my mind with each individual client, This is because when someone reaches out for help they are in a very vulnerable position and trusting someone they don’t even know that they may share things about their life they have never told anyone before. Being ethical is all about respecting my clients rights, keeping everything confidential and in a sacred space between myself and them. It is a way to guide me to do what is best for them. I learned as a social worker to respect the inherent dignity and worth of a person and to treat them in a caring and respectful way, mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity and I promote my clients socially responsible self-determination. Read more>>